New X2 Theme Version 1.7.2 and x2 Premium Pack 1.7.4

In this version we have fixed some bugs and make some improvements.

Big thanks goes to Slava for the contributions to the new X2 version.

Get the x2 Premium Pack here:
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What has changed?

This is the changelog for the X2 theme 1.7.2

* Fixed NextGEN Gallery issues
* Fixed List posts under this page issues
* Fixed debug notice with image-caption style
* Added new Hooks requested by users
* Added Error Success Messages for save settings error / success - import oder export error / success and Reset error / success: "All settings are reset to default successfully.
* WooCommerce sidebar issue

This is the changelog for the x2 Premium Pack 1.7.4

* autoplay and typo fixes
* Fixed some bugs reported by users

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