Old About

We want Themekraft to be an inspiring home for creativity, a place where we all can learn, share knowledge, discuss or show off our new ideas and creations. We offer premium products in our store and some free stuff as well.

What we think about Open Source

Open Source defines “free” in the sense of freedom, not price. In other words: once you get our code, you can do with it whatever you like. That doesn’t mean everything is free of charge, though, most of the stuff here is for free. We just charge for our premium products.

How we came to work with WordPress

We started around 5 years ago with the idea to create a local community for subculture. At this time Buddypress popped up and inspired us. Step by step we saw ourselves developing themes and plugins. Things continued, and in the end we decided to concentrate 100% on developing and designing themes and plugins.