Optimize your WordPress Site and BuddyPress Social Network for Facebook with SeoPress

Optimize your WordPress Website and BuddyPress Social Network for Facebook with the freshly updated SeoPress – WordPress & BuddyPress SEO plugin.
>> Download now: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/seopress/

Taking control of you website on Facebook

The Facebook Like Button

If you search the web, you will see Like buttons everywhere. A click on a like button does several things:

  • You appear on the likes page as fan
  • Your like is listed on your profile
  • A notification about the like is created

Viral Traffic with the Facebook Like Button

In addition you have the possibility to leave a comment with your like and explicitly share it to your Facebook wall. This way their friends and followers read the status update and get interested themselves. In best of all cases this starts a viral effect. Thus like buttons bring traffic and a like can spread your content to many people. If you can take control of how your website is shared on Facebook.

Optimize for more than just SEO

WordCamp 2011 – Discussion about Social media (Facebook) Integration in WordPress & BuddyPress

Social media is one of the best ways to get your content out. That’s why you need new, powerful tools to aggregate content for social media site like Facebook. Currently, Facebook has 700 million users. It’s the most powerful social network. At the WordCamp 2011 in Köln Germany we had an interesting discussion about the new requirements for social network optimization. Afterwards we decided to build some new features into SeoPress.

“The times are gone when you only had to optimize your content for Google”

Optimize the content of your website for Social Media sharing

  •  You need to optimize  for Facebook, like you do it for Google.
  • For Google optimization you use a WordPress SEO Plugin. Now you need a SMO plugin.

SeoPress controls the look of your website on Facebook

SeoPress offers the ability to change different aspects about how your site is displayed on Facebook, when a use likes a post or shares a link. With SeoPress you can adjust:

  • The image that is shown (features / first from post)
  • Facebook titles
  • Facebook description
  • …more to come

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Google optimized data, such as title and descriptions, have to be very short to meet the Google standards.
Facebook titles and descriptions can be much longer. Normal SEO software won’t work if you want to optimize your content for sharing in social media. Stop thinking just about Google and prepare your content for sharing on Facebook now.

SeoPress is more than SEO – It’s a plugin for all-round Content-Optimization

SeoPress is developed to handle all the optimization you need for the different services. It creates individual meta tags, so you can create unique tags for every service you would like to optimize for (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Google+…). SeoPress was build to support WordPress and BuddyPress. It’s architecture is extremely modular. That makes it easy for us to include new websites and services in SeoPress.

Download SeoPress now: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/seopress/

Submit your optimization ideas for SeoPress

Do you want SeoPress to support more tags from Facebook (http://developers.facebook.com/docs/opengraph/)
or any other service? We want to find out what services and meta tags you want us to include.

If you have any idea or new feature request – you are welcome to post it on the SeoPress github page: https://github.com/Themekraft/SeoPress/issues

It’s time to come up with some ingenious ideas! We are looking forward to your input!


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