Pagerank Tools Pro

You want to have the full overview of all pageranks of your Website? Pagerank Tools Pro will get the pagegrank of all urls in your wordpress blog and comes with many additional functions.


  • Overview of all urls and pageranks
  • Automatic update of pageranks
  • Email notification on pagerank change
  • Graphical statistics of all pageranks
  • Filter functions (Pagerank and number of show enries)
  • Export pageranks to CVS (MS-Excel compatible)
  • Order your urls by click on tablehead caption
  • Getting titles of urls
  • Pagerank history of urls
  • Date for next pagerank check
  • Graphical pagerank
  • Navigation thru entries


Unzip the data of the plugin and upload the files to yout /wp-content/plugins directory. Just activate it and have fun!

Pagerank tools are working with

  • WordPress
  • WordPress sub blogs (Multiuser installation)

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