Premium Support now available

Hi fellows,

last year was an amazing start for Themekraft – thanks to you!

So first we would like to thank you for using our products, giving us feedback, helping us with articles, links, translations… Everyone of you is a small part of the growing Themekraft world – and we are very thankful that you are a part of it. This would not have been possible without your support.

The next level

We recently reached 2,500 members and that makes us very happy. With that amount of users a new level begins, with new adventures we have to face.

One of the main questions was: How can we be able to provide fast and effective support for all users – considering the user base is growing at such a fast pace?

Our aim was always to provide perfect support, but since the last months we feel that it’s time to build up a team of experts to be able to provide solid support. More users are coming every day and as the community grows the support gets more time extensive every day.

We want you to get your question answered and a happy community. Nothing is more frustrating for us all than to see unhappy users which didn’t find help in the forum.

What Support means to us

Support is one of the most time extensive and sensitive parts of software development. We love the GPL – that’s why all our software is GPL – but we also want to provide 100% efficient and satisfying support to help you finishing your projects. We have been constantly thinking about ways to have more resources available for support, to do a better job for you – getting your site up and running. With the premium support fee we are able to build up a support system and team of themekraft product experts to help you creating successful.

Basic Support will always be free

Of course basic support will always be free. If you have technical problems or cannot find your download link, we will be there to help you. We will be happy to walk you through the first steps until you can start through with your site. However some users want more. They need experts to help them realize the site they have already build in their minds. Until now, we were not able to help those with a need for extensive support.

This is why we are very happy to introduce you to Themekraft Premium Support. We believe this will take the support to the next level. Starting at just 10$ / month we feel that this is a proposition with real value.

→ Get Premium Support here

What do you think?

We’d love to hear your thoughts about this. Leave us a comment! Your feedback is the most important thing for the future development of our services. We build this for you. Take action and help us build the system you want to use!


What Do You Think?