Premium Support now available

Hi fellows,

last year was an amazing start for Themekraft – thanks to you!

So first we would like to thank you for using our products, giving us feedback, helping us with articles, links, translations… Everyone of you is a small part of the growing Themekraft world – and we are very thankful that you are a part of it. This would not have been possible without your support.

The next level

We recently reached 2,500 members and that makes us very happy. With that amount of users a new level begins, with new adventures we have to face.

One of the main questions was: How can we be able to provide fast and effective support for all users – considering the user base is growing at such a fast pace?

Our aim was always to provide perfect support, but since the last months we feel that it’s time to build up a team of experts to be able to provide solid support. More users are coming every day and as the community grows the support gets more time extensive every day.

We want you to get your question answered and a happy community. Nothing is more frustrating for us all than to see unhappy users which didn’t find help in the forum.

What Support means to us

Support is one of the most time extensive and sensitive parts of software development. We love the GPL – that’s why all our software is GPL – but we also want to provide 100% efficient and satisfying support to help you finishing your projects. We have been constantly thinking about ways to have more resources available for support, to do a better job for you – getting your site up and running. With the premium support fee we are able to build up a support system and team of themekraft product experts to help you creating successful.

Basic Support will always be free

Of course basic support will always be free. If you have technical problems or cannot find your download link, we will be there to help you. We will be happy to walk you through the first steps until you can start through with your site. However some users want more. They need experts to help them realize the site they have already build in their minds. Until now, we were not able to help those with a need for extensive support.

This is why we are very happy to introduce you to Themekraft Premium Support. We believe this will take the support to the next level. Starting at just 10$ / month we feel that this is a proposition with real value.

→ Get Premium Support here

What do you think?

We’d love to hear your thoughts about this. Leave us a comment! Your feedback is the most important thing for the future development of our services. We build this for you. Take action and help us build the system you want to use!


What Do You Think?

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What Do You Think?

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  1. Well, so far I am not even able to post anything in the group..So I am not so happy about this premium support thingy.

    I was looking to purchase the theme because its great support..hum…Now I am feeling a bit not convinced of myself.

    Your group now don’t even allow to post any more questions if I don’t buy your theme, that’s very aggressive look for me, for a theme that developed base on an open source system which develop with the time that spent by hundreds maybe thousands of dedicated developers that develop such great WP in no cost, and I was happy about your free theme setup and support, and was planning to buy one pro version to show support. Now, it makes me rethink my choice.

    It does not make sense for me, so I wonder if you could get a proper answer for this.

    ([email protected])

    • Hi Adam,

      thanks for your honest feedback – we were afraid we would be soon not able to provide good support anymore. We get more users everyday, but not the required financial backflow to build up a support team of product experts who can help users daily, quickly, efficiently. So it was really a great starting point, but does not work out for the future.

      Basic support will always be free. Searching the knowledge base and reading the forums, or writing us an email if you have technical problems or don’t get the software to work.

      But not everyone needs the intensive support – this is why we decided to make an own product out of it where we go further than before, helping every user until he solved his problem completely. Support is one of the most time extensive parts of software development, and we do not want to see unhappy users in our forums who didn’t get answers on their problems.

      We loved it to have a free forum and we were thinking about this problem everyday with much much headache. We hope the premium support forum will have faster and better support than ever before and happy users. We want to bring our support to a new level. And we didn’t see a way to achieve this with the free forums. Instead we saw many problems…

      But to finish this: the most important is still the feedback from our community. We are in a constant process of changes, so we cannot say how the future will be like…

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, we think about what you said!
      We think allday about this stuff :)

      • Ok, I totally understand that, and appreciated your support for my last two months.

        However, maybe what you could do is add up a free users support forum which may count as less devoted in term of priority but still be able to answer even in few days will be appreciated. Since some questions could get frustrating unless you got a superb search function implemented or lots of related tags maybe? (I am not a pro on this)

        I think what you are doing right now, may actually dramatically slow down the development of your theme (of course, unless you consider the theme is mature enough so you dont really need us freebies anymore lol)
        However, you know that will be never be true :)

        Anyway, its a great theme, but lack of support maybe a big headache for me after a while and may cause me (or someone who felt the same) switch to other themes may provide a more “opened” support.

        And another idea (I think what your site admin is doing now), is pay-per-service. Why not let user to having some kind of fill-up so charge them for this “extensive service” every time that request by the specific users?

        I like the theme, and really hope it goes the right way, but I don’t feel right about this one-face-for-all of “you got to pay” face.
        However, its your, you all’s theme, your calls he he. I am just a user who like it and feel its a shame to let it fell.


    • HI Adam,

      thank you so much for your input! We have decided to give all members one year of premium support. We hope this way we can keep the themekraft community feeling, while using a much more effective technological base.

      Please let us know what you think about this.

        • Hi I’m having DEJA VU. You guest it did not receive the upgrade. I was just thinking when you say all you mean all not all minus me. When I use the forum it says I need to login. I must have an bad account or something. One thing is for sure it was not as bad as when I open that can of fruit to find “brown rat fruit”

  2. ichampagnegirl says:

    I, for one, have really waffled on your product. I could write a book (novella) about the problems I’ve had with the theme (including Buddy Press creating a “fatal” error that brought down my entire site).

    Frankly, I’ve been looking at some other themes from other sources–and generally, laughed at audacity of someone wanting me to pay for the pro-version of the ThemeKraft product, when the free one wasn’t working correctly for me in the ways in which, it should. My header slides to the right in ie8. But after the Buddy Press fiasco, the bad header didn’t seem so bad. There’s also the problem of the slide show being impossible to turn off once I’ve added it to a page. I can click the “off” button on the page all day long–and it just resets-and reloads the same page, almost as if taunting me. The only way to get rid of it, seems to be to delete the entire page.

    Long story short, when I found the free premium service offer in my inbox this morning, I decided that if, with your help, I could get my ThemeKraft issues worked out-that I will indeed purchase the pro version, solely because you’re trying to provide us with an excellent customer service solution.

    It came at a fortuitous time, as I was getting ready to scream, long, hard, and loud on twitter–and then point out that you only, rarely, address the twitter community. So, Happy 2012 to you all. Thanks for giving your customers something to rave about even while dealing with bugs in the software. I read today that 72% of all twitter users post to a blog at least once a month. That might be a group you’d be good to monitor more regularly.

    I’ve already posted about my header problem in the forum (and included the code in my 2nd post). I am told it’s an ie8 compatibility issue. Your site was suffering from the same problem until sometime after I asked the question. May I ask–how you fixed it? I’d be so happy if my header would stay to the left where I intend it to be…instead of skewed off to the right (

    Thanks for listening. Thanks for offering a premium service that is a valuable one for those of us who have encountered significant frustrations. And thank you for acknowledging that there are bugs–I think having a business admit to their own glitches and the affects of those glitches on their potential customers make it easier for us who are considering becoming paying customers, a little more comfortable in making that decision. Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that a product is actually free–when you’ve spent 100+ hours trying to get your site reflective of the brand you want to be…

    OK…so I did write a couple of chapters from my upcoming book about ThemeKraft but tonight’s version leaves me more satisfied than I’ve been since the day you walked into my life. :)

    Oh hey…this isn’t my blog. Sorry to taking up your real estate. :)

    Thanks again,

    • wow thanks for all your thoughts, ideas, tips and critics! we listen to you. and we love to get detailed thoughts of our users!

      some things i’d like to reply to:


      * Bugs in general:

      we are very happy about every bug reported by a user so we can fix it. if you found a bug please always report us and we make sure it will be fixed.

      would be great if you post your support questions/bug reports separately again in our email ticket system or support forums.


      * The twitter thing:

      you are absolutely right, and indeed we’d like to twitter a lot more about stuff going on in the themekraft world. we always try to find some time (like between food or sleep) to twitter something. our days are always full of issues waiting for us… :)


      * The header bug:

      aaaah, you just gave me a hint what i need to check in the theme next time! i hope i will find this bug easily, and it will be fixed for next update. Is it the logo that’s going to right in IE? i think it was the logo, right? Added through the THEME SETTINGS page?


      * Acknowledment of bugs:

      for sure, nobody is perfect! :)


      Looking forward to the next chapter of the Themekraft book ;)

      Cheers, and thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!


      • ichampagne girl says:

        Thanks Konrad. I will send a separate email ticket re: the bugs. I did get a little carried away yesterday, chapter and verse, about all my frustrations. :)

        I hope that what, eventually, came through was that I am thrilled to have the premium service available…because goodness knows, I’m in dire need of it (some of my own making–as I do tend to see how far I push something, until I eventually have to fix it).

        And even though I will post a separate ticket about the logo, since you asked,…my problem with ie8 does not involve a logo. It’s just the title of the blog as I entered it into wordpress. The logo was a larger issue than just skewing to the right…so I removed that entirely.

        Again…thanks. I’ve been working with computers/technology long enough to know that things can’t possibly be perfect on every browser the first or 2nd time around.

        Hope to see you on twitter. I’m @iChmpneGrl (and I’ve followed you since the first time I complained about *my* theme ;)


    • iCG,

      Thanks sooo much for your comment! I added “themekraft” and “custom community” to the twitter searches I watch. I will also try to have some more interaction on twitter with users (add us…we are called…themekraft).

      Thanks for all the input!


  3. Martyn Thatcher says:

    I understand fully the need for a paid support service especially where the basic theme is free. However why should this apply to those who have purchased the pro version? IMHO a fee of £20 a year for purchasers of the pro version would be more applicable.

  4. Hello Konrad, I would happily pay $10 a month for support. I have been working with your theme for close to a year but cannot write a line in html. As a trial and error learner I have made it through minefields to just about where I want the site to be and look like and would rather devote my energy to producing versus tinkering. What I need is help in optimizing the site, choosing the appropriate plugins and returning to a level of visibility that I have lost. I migrated from blogharbor to press harbor and chose your theme, little by little my audience grew back but since trying a few plugins have lost it again and appear to be captured by Russian, Ukrainain and Chinese robots. Is an audit and cleaning up in the realm of premium support? Love for you to have a look. All the best, jp

  5. Hi Sean,

    the premium support should help you out with all of your issues and of course we can help you a bit in choosing the right plugins or having a quick look at your backend if needed.

    But also you need to keep in mind that premium support cannot replace everything and build the professional site for you. ;)

    All best, Konrad

  6. Hello Konrad,
    I would like to move ahead. I don’t know what the “backend” precisely means but I must have some problems there. Since installing XML Sitemap and StatPress Community my traditional traffic has dropped by over 90% in a matter of weeks and has been replaced by Chinese and Eastern European hits that mostly come up under 404 status and that I suspect are robots of some type.
    Please tell me how to proceed and what data you need from my end.
    All the best