BuddyForms Attach Posts with Groups

With this plugin, you’ll automatically be able to create a new BuddyPress group for pre-assigned BuddyForms post submissions and attach that group to the post. Then User-submitted posts with BuddyForms become a BuddyPress group with all the included functionality and endless possibilities.

How Does it Work?

Create and attach new BuddyPress groups to your posts with BuddyForms. Whenever a new post is created, a group is also created (of course you get to choose, which post types create groups in BuddyForms). The permalink will be rewritten to the group and a redirect will publish the posts to the attached group.


Here’s the list of powerful features that will help manage your BuddyPress groups:

  • Categorize your groups with all the power WordPress already provides.
  • Get the combined benefits of WordPress posts and taxonomies with the added power of BuddyPress groups.
  • Filter and sort groups in a newly designed and intuitive way.
  • Organize your groups within categories and custom post types.
  • Use ANY 3rd party post-type based plugins and power them up with BuddyPress Groups.
  • Attach Group Type to attach groups to other groups. Create complex relationships between your groups for every form which is attached to groups.
  • 3 widgets to display your group’s relations in your group sidebar
  • Edit the post from the Group Admin

Display Posts in Groups

  • nothing – great if you want to use the home tab
  • create a new tab – Will add anew Tab to your Group Tabs
  • before group activity – Hook your Post content before the Group Activity

Overwrite the Templates

If you want to add the post to the home tab, you need to copy the single-post.php from ‘includes/templates/buddyforms/groups/single-post.php’ to your theme and rename it to front.php ‘groups/single/front.php’.
If you want to change the new tab template, copy single-post.php to your theme ‘buddyforms/groups/single-post.php

User Rights Management

In BuddyForms it’s already possible to manage Roles and Capabilities.
With the Attached Posts to Groups extension, all Admins of the group will have the right to edit the post too.

Here are some quick examples

1) You have a product-based website and use two post types: a “Product” post type and a “Brand” post type. Every product can then easily be categorized as a product of a brand. Every Product and Brand can be a group, so you can have forums or contact persons etc – available product-specific or centralized in the brand.

2) You have a listing website that users directly add events to. Wouldn’t it be great if a group would be automatically created whenever a user creates a new event? The event suddenly has access to members, forums & everything else – possible within BuddyPress groups!