BuddyForms Contact the Author

BuddyForms Contact the Author

Contact the author of a Post or any Custom Post Type, like Products or Services or any Content Created on your Site.

Please be aware. This add-on needs the BuddyForms Profesional version to work!

No registration required
Contact the author of a Post with no registration required. Click on the button will open a nice modal popup with a contact form.

Contact the Author Form

Predefined Mail Templates
Define reusable subject and message in the form builder.

Use Shortcodes in the Message Text
Build your message using values from the submitted data like shortcodes.

List of Shortcodes
Is possible to use any Field in the form as a shortcode to build your messsage and the next ones.
[user_login], [user_nicename], [first_name], [last_name], [published_post_link_plain], [published_post_link_html], [published_post_title], [site_name], [site_url], [site_url_html]

Add Contact the Author Buttons everywhere
1. By default contact, the author buttons get displayed in the user posts lists.
2. Add the contact the author buttons before or after the post content.

Add Contact the Author Button to you r posts3. Insert a shortcode into posts to dsiplay the button. Using the next shortcode [bf-contact-author]
4. Use contact the author buttons in your templates by using the do_shortcode(‘ [bf-contact-author]’); function.

How does it work?
You can enable the functionality for any form in the form builder.


Let your user contact you on a post basis to ask a question get feedback or support on a particular subject. This can be a normal blog post a product or any post type and content on your site.