New ways to Sell Invite Codes or Restrict Products by Invite Codes with WooCommerce in 2023

by Romeli Rodriguez | Community, Invite Codes, WooCommerce

Sell invite codes for your WordPress website registration, or restrict products to invite only. Over the years, WordPress has become the best option for those hungry to create online communities, either because their business model requires it or because they need to generate interaction between a group of people for a specific purpose. The great features of WordPress and how easy and intuitive its use has become, make it possible for someone to create an online community under certain rules in a very short time, without having to have great knowledge of web development or having to carry out complicated settings within the site. However, there are times when WordPress’ default set of features and options is not extensive enough to meet the user’s needs.

Add Invite codes to WordPress

One of these cases is when the creation of an exclusive community is sought, in which not every user is capable of registering within the site. It is in this type of circumstance where sell invite codes with All in One Invite Codes come into action to extend the basic functionalities and give users the possibility to choose who to include within their community.

Auto Generate new Invite Codes for new users to share with their friends or coworkers
When a user registers on the site using an invitation code, a certain number of new codes are assigned to this new user so that they can invite other users and the community can scale more and more.

But what happens when the user runs out of codes to invite?

To solve this you can also use our All in One Invite Codes WooCommerce extension and create a product to sell invite codes, which will give you the possibility not only to create new invitation codes once the purchase of a certain product has been made but also allows you to validate the purchase of any product within the site, that is, only those who have a valid code will be able to complete the purchase.

Once you have activated this extension, when creating or editing a product you will see a new menu “Invite Codes” in the product information:

sell invite codes
WooCommerce product settings

Sell invite codes for the registration of your site or restrict the purchasing of products with invite codes.

Sell Invite Only Products with WooCommerce

New ways to Sell Invite Codes or Restrict Products by Invite Codes with WooCommerce in 2023

The second option “Sell invite codes” is used to generate a certain number of codes once the purchase of the product has been completed. When selecting it and updating the product, a new selection field will be displayed in which the number of codes to be generated when the product is purchased must be specified.

Sell Invite Codes WooCommerce Purchase Process

It must be taken into account that the purchase process ends when the status of the order changes from “processing” to “completed“. To carry this out, once the purchase payment has been confirmed, you must go to WooCommerce > Orders, on this screen click on the desired order and change its status to “completed.

New ways to Sell Invite Codes or Restrict Products by Invite Codes with WooCommerce in 2023
New ways to Sell Invite Codes or Restrict Products by Invite Codes with WooCommerce in 2023 4

Start selling invitations online in combination with other products

It is also possible to use both options for the same product to sell invites online. Doing so will generate a certain number of codes once the purchase has been made, but to complete the checkout process, the user must enter a valid code.

Selling Invite Codes FAQ

This FAQ will answer all relevant questions about Selling Invitation Codes with WooCommerce. You will find links to the documentation and other resources.

Can you make money selling invitations?

Yes, sure. You can create a product and create a number of new invites after a successful purchase has been completed.

Where can I sell digital invite codes?

In any WooCommerce store in combination with any kind of product or as an invite code only.

What are the three types of invitations?

You can Create Invite Codes for Registration, Restrict Products or any kind of content, or sell new Invite Codes.

How to create digital invitations to sell

With WooCommerce, you are able to create any kind of product. In combination with the All-in-One Invite code WooCommerce Extension, you can create Invite Codes Only Products. Please find detailed documentation. How to Create and Sell Invite Codes with WooCommerce

Get the free version All in One Invite Codes on WordPress


All in One Invite Codes is an excellent tool that allows the creation of closed communities in which all users are invited among themselves. The site administrator can choose the number of codes that will be assigned to each user once the registration process is completed, then, with each new registration, the number of valid codes increases. By using the All-in-One Invite Codes WooCommerce extension, the possibility of buying new codes or validating the purchase of a product with an invitation code will be integrated into the process.


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