Discover how to sell each of your LearnDash lessons individually with WooCommerce

by Romeli Rodriguez | Create Content, LearnDash, WooCommerce

One of the most profitable ways to generate income online is with content generation. The great rise of social networks has made content sharing an important financial activity for many, so it is common to find countless websites on the internet that sell owner-generated content or provide an amount limited resources, and the rest is only accessible after having paid a subscription or having purchased a certain web product.

Possibly the most common way to generate content is by creating courses and tutorials. In this way, the author seeks to explain a topic in detail and then break it down into chapters, lessons, volumes, etc. Once the entire topic has been developed and broken down, a selection process is carried out in which the best quality content (or the most difficult to find on other sites) is taken and put up for sale.

If you use WordPress, you may already know that there are plugins for content creation, and they will greatly help you manage the resources you generate easily. Perhaps the most used for this purpose is LearnDash. This tool focuses on the creation of courses for universities, companies, and entrepreneurs.

A LearnDash course is made up of lessons, quizzes, topics and questionnaires. Within the settings of each course it is possible to specify the access mode to said course. That is, select whether the course will be protected by a payment method or not.

Discover how to sell each of your LearnDash lessons individually with WooCommerce
Course Access Mode.

Do you want to monetize each of your LearnDash lessons?

By default LearnDash does not have within its settings any option to do this. However, with our LearnDash Pay for Lesson extension it is possible to achieve it. Next we will explain how the process would be.



LearnDash WooCommerce Integration

LearnDash Pay for Lesson


Once you have your lesson created and linked to the closed course (if you need help on this process you can check the LearnDash documentation here), all you have to do is create a new product in WooCommerce. When doing so, you will see a new type of product “Lesson” and within this metabox you must enter the necessary information of the product. First of all, you must check the option “Enable As Lesson Product” and after entering the price, choose the lesson or lessons to which you will give access once the purchase process of this product has been completed.

Discover how to sell each of your LearnDash lessons individually with WooCommerce
Product Type Lesson.

After you have saved the changes and published the product, it will be displayed on the frontend as a normal WooCommerce product. Once the purchase is complete (when the order status changes to completed) the user will gain the learndash lesson access. To change the status of the order to completed you just have to click on WooCommerce > Orders and select the desired order, then change the status in the list of options that will appear.

Discover how to sell each of your LearnDash lessons individually with WooCommerce
WooCommerce Order Status.


Using WooCommerce you can sell the LearnDash lessons associated with a certain course. In the settings of said course, the site administrator can choose how and when the content should be displayed once the payment is made. However, using only LearnDash and WooCommerce it is not possible to sell each lesson separately, which may well be the goal of many content creators since in this way users have the freedom to purchase content on a specific topic and skip those you already know about. On the other hand, in this way you can generate more income since sometimes the cost of the complete course ends up being very expensive for many users, which causes the purchase not to be carried out. Thus, the LearnDash Pay for Lessons extension is the ideal plugin for content creators looking to easily make money from their website.


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