SeoPress 1.1 beta out now!

We have reworked the complete code and finally finished version 1.1 of SeoPress.

From now on you can download it from the WordPress Plugin Repository. After the whole process of reordering the code, creating the new user interface and lots of other things, we have a solid base now for further developement of SeoPress.

SeoPress gives you the possibility to optimize all types of pages of your WordPress / BuddyPress site. You can setup the SEO of your WordPress pages, pages of your network blogs and your BuddyPress pages. The free edition gives you the possibility to set the title, description and keywords on each of your pages. Also there are a lot of actionhooks and functions for 3rd party programmers. A documentation will follow soon.

Overview of the SeoPress changes

  • New user interface
  • New main engine
    – Reworked all code
    – Added actionhooks for 3rd party plugins
    – Changed to themekraft framework
  • Special Tag engine
    – Special Tag engine is completely reworked
    – Add your own special tags by our API
    – Autosuggest for Special Tags

Reworked Pro Version following soon

We are going on to bring out the Pro Version of the plugin with extra functions for the plugin like keyword generator and text counter for meta fields and titles.

Help us

If you want to help us, please test the new version of SeoPress and report bugs if you find some to our SeoPress Git Repository or drop us a line in our SeoPress forum.

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  1. I have problem. From when i use seopress i have a lot of url that finish on /caca like /members/pippo/caca and google webmaster tool sees it as an error “url not found”.

    Can you help me please?

  2. Hi, the best seo plugin I have ever found for buddypress! however I saw that the last update was on 10.2011 :(
    I have justed updated to 1.6 and your plugin work nice, I am using buddypress group documents plugin and I would use a title like this in Page in group:
    Documents %%group%% | %%site_name%%
    but %%group%% tag was not replaced by the group name :( could you help me pleaaaaaaaaase.