SeoPress Reworked

After a time of scripting SeoPress we decided to rework the project.  The whole user interface, the usability, the special tag engine, everything has been reworked. We are not ready yet, but we have thought that we want to present you the reworked user interface and give you the opportunity to discuss the changes we’ve made.

SeoPress start page

As you can see, the whole structure have been changed.  All SEO settings can be made at one page. The Tabs are shown automatically, depending on your wordpress installation. Also the meta boxes are now ordered in an accordion. Anything is much more clear now.

Special tags

In the old version of  SeoPress, it took much efforts to get the special tags you needed. With the new special tag engine it’s much more easy to get the right one. The autocomplete function will show you a set of special tags you can use in the field. Also there is now a config  file where new special tags can be added very easy (for programmers ;) ). You only have to write a function  to get a value and add it to the config array.

Buddypress components

The components of Buddypress are a bit more complex, but we tried to make it a  bit more understandable. Now you can config the components and the fields which have to be shown at one tab. At this time it is nessesary to setup the fields of the buddypress components you have installed, by clicking which components are creating pages in other components. In some of the coming versions of SeoPress there will be setup presets for the components, stored in a config array.

Global options

At the global options page you can setup some SEO configuration you use at the whole plugin.


We decided to add action hooks for the plugin. So everybody can create additional plugins for SeoPress.

So be on edge whats happening the next weeks. We planned to give you a beta in the next two weeks. If you have ideas, let us know!

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What Do You Think?

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  1. Guten Abend !
    Can posts and pages SEO be deselected ? Already using another plugin and conflicts may arise.
    I offer you to translate this plugin to spanish (free of charge of course !)

  2. Hello Jose!

    No it can’t be deselected yet. If you use two SEO plugins, you have got to test, what happens on your site. I think, that you will have problems, because two SEO plugins will try to change the Title and the Meta tags. Maybe one will overwrite the others settings. Just test, but I think its no good Idea for the future.

    Why you want to use the second plugin?

    It would be very great, if you would translate our plugin! I can send you the beta version if we have it.

  3. Hello Bjorn,

    sorry for the long delay, but we are trying do get the best result for our next version. It should be as best as possible, because this will the base for the further develeopement.

    We have completely changed the code and are now on to integrate our new framework. In the next days I will hard work on the Plugin, so that we can provide the beta for Seopress in the next two weeks.

    Now we provide the actual develepoment source on GitHub:


    This is only the actual developement version. I give no warranties and support on issues.

    If you have a testblog, just try out and if you found bugs, you are free to report it ;)

    So, don’t be worried, the developement is going on.