Spam in Buddypress

If it comes to Spam in Buddypress, I’m sure nobody has a 100% solution to offer. Some users in this forum ask me for help, so I will let you know what I do.

It is a never ending story, but with a combination of different tricks and plugins, I have got my BuddyPress installations spam free.

If you have spam problems with your BuddyPress installation, hopefully,  this article helps you.

1. Rename the register page to something unique

Many bots just look for this page, if they cannot find it they can do nothing.

Add this line to your wp-config.php just above the
/* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */
and change the register to something unique:

`pre type=”php”`
define( ‘BP_REGISTER_SLUG’, ‘register’ );
For more info about about changing slugs go here

2. Delete the WordPress/Buddypress credits from the footer

I know, we all like to support WordPress and BuddyPress, but robots will just search on Google for the string.

This is an easy way to find out BuddyPress installations.

You can read about this in the BuddyPress forums:



This plugin checks if the IP adress is e.g. on a blacklist. It reduces a lot of spam. I have it running on huge sites with many spam problems, and it works.

Check if the user is relay a humen

For this I use or as alternative for

There are a lot more tweaks and plugins people recommend in the forums, but I’m not a friend of to many plugins, if it’s not needed.

For now I’m spam free, and I like less then more. If spam comes back I will add more.

If you follow these instructions, and still have spam, please let me know.

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…for .htaccess security:

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  1. Thanks, great advice and much better than randomly trying different techniques and plugins randomly until you find something that works. If this combo works well for you, I’m sure it will probably work well for most of us.

    I really appreciate you taking the effort to pass on such advice when it is certainly above and beyond what you need to offer for product support.

  2. This advice is now over a year old and it seems it’s no longer necessary to do it this way – with Buddypress 1.5.5 I can change the location of the register page via the ‘Pages’ menu.

    Presumably this is still worth doing? I note that after moving my registration page from /register/ to somewhere else attempting to access the original page does not automatically redirect you to the new one, so presumably this this throws some spam bots off the trail?

  3. Best advice I can give for spam and buddypress.

    1) NEVER have your register page named register
    2) change the wording on the register page that says “signing up for this site is easy” spammers just google that line and know your a buddypress site.

    3) plugin named Bad Behavior blocks a lot of spam trolling robots.