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In this article we will give you the basic steps so that you can create a blog. If you wonder why it’s important to have a blog for your business, we invite you to keep an eye on our publications because it’s a topic that we will address in another article.

Here are the steps that will allow you to have a professional blog:

1: Select the topic 

Having a theme for your blog is important. Now, we are talking specifically about a blog for your business, entrepreneurship, company, corporation or other type of figure through which you want to market your products or services.

Therefore, the theme of your blog should be focused on the market niche you are targeting. However, it does not mean that in each blog article you will talk about your products or services, but that you will deliver valuable content to your audience.

This will allow you to establish an important connection.

2: Select the blog name

Although if the blog is within your website, the tab will be called blog, but it is important that you give your blog an identity.

The way to give it identity will be through the colors, typography, type of content, and, in the same way, by the name it has.

That name will appear in the main banner of the blog section of your website. Avoid generic names, also avoid names that are difficult to pronounce or remember.

3: Domain and hosting

You will always find these two resources as necessary in any recommendation to create a blog. Of course, they are basic. If you already have an online business, you already have a hosting and a domain, and if you don’t have your business on the internet, it’s time to start.

Remember that the domain must be the name of your business or brand, or a phrase that identifies it. Register it and buy an accommodation with the requirements demanded by the type of web site you are going to launch.

This is how you will have an online blog, and a website, and with it a great connection tool with potential customers and sales.

4: Lean on WordPress

If you are just starting your website and blog, our recommendation is that you install WordPress. For this you will only need a web server compatible with the PHP language and a MySQL database.

5: Personalize your blog

Our recommendation is that if you do not have knowledge of design and / or programming, lean on experts. That way you can have a professional website and blog, up to the market demands.

Similarly, keep in mind that from the administrator area of ​​your blog, you can customize it. And you can count on the repository of free themes that WordPress puts at your disposal, which can be easily installed.

The theme includes all aspects of the blog’s appearance, from its colors, fonts, menu layout, and more.

To choose a topic that is good for your blog, you just have to make sure it’s:

  • Simple
  • Responsive
  • Quick

These are the basic steps to create a blog, knowing them will allow you to know what is the basis for its creation.

If you want more detailed advice, or are looking for accessories that allow you to give more functionality to your blog, you can also contact us.

Remember that the blog is the vehicle to connect with potential customers, if your content is good you will always be attracting traffic to the website, and this means that you will increase the chances of sales closings.

We wish you success with your blog, and do it professionally, the time, money and energy you invest in your blog will become an extraordinary return. 

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