Strategies for creating content

Sitting down to generate content can be a headache when you don’t have the ideal strategies.

We want to help you with this problem, sharing some of the strategies to create more convenient content.

Strategy # 1: Go to the FAQ pages

Faq’s pages are a source of themes that you can take in count when producing content.

What you should keep in mind is to explore the frequently asked questions pages of your same market, so a study of the competition will help you. Explore and define which are the competing pages within your same niche, and look at their FAQ pages.

In fact, you can dig into the content that they produce, and what the target audience’s reaction is, to determine what topics can work for you to attract potential customers or to solve your current customers’ problems.

Strategy # 2: Dig into Google’s suggestions

For this strategy you can use Google’s autocomplete or also its search suggestions.

With the autocomplete you can put a keyword in Google and the search engine will suggest some combinations. These combinations are made based on the searches that other users have made regarding that keyword, so basically you will be knowing what your audience wants to know.

You can also enter a search phrase, a title or topic, and look at the Google suggestions section among the results, this is how you can take ideas to build content that will attract the attention of your potential customers.

Google Autocomplete for strategies for creating content

Strategy # 3: Infographic

Infographics are also a good source of inspiration, and all you need to do is find an exclusive infographics site, and do a targeted search for your keywords, themes, and even the suggestions you’ve received from Google.

One of the platforms that can help you with this process is, in fact it has an amazing platform to create infographics holding over 500 templates and even is possible to use animations.

All you need to do is follow 3 easy steps:

  1. Select your template or use a drag&drop library of existing blocks.
  2. Customize everything.
  3. Share or Download.

Get inspired and learn about the process

Strategy # 4: Pinterest

Just as you are reading, another strategy is to look for inspiration on Pinterest, you just have to make sure to do a search related to your target audience. And you will find images, infographics, and visual material that will help you know what your potential customers might be interested in.

It is one of the most recommended platforms as a source of inspiration, it has an algorithm for search results that favors a lot, you only have to put keywords, and the platform will suggest other similar ones.

So Pinterest could be one of your strategies for creating content.

Strategy # 5: Lean on SEMrush

This is one of the most popular tools when thinking about creating content. SEMrush is able to detect what is driving traffic to competitors.

In this sense, you should only rely on the tool to study the competition and detect which are the exact topics or content that is working for them, thus having information to create valuable content that can generate more visits to your brand’s website.

Audit with SEMruch the content of other websites that move in the market niche in which you move, so you can optimize your own content.

These are the most effective strategies for creating content that you can access. You can also create a network of collaborators, that way you will have personnel producing content and based on these strategies.


A content creation team will help you keep your site updated at all times, and generating organic attraction magnets for potential customers. If you share these strategies to create content, you will only have to receive the content from them.

And you don’t have to worry about the mechanism, because there are also tools to manage content quickly, with easy and effective processes. If you want to know some of those tools, then click on the link:

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