Support and CC Pro Status – Summary

This is a trouble-shooting blogpost about several issues going on right now:

#1 – About missing download links.

#2 – About support in general.

#3 – About the situation of Custom Community Pro.

I’d like to summarize the status here and answer frequently asked questions.


#1 – Where are my download links?

We had some trouble with the script transferring the existing orders. We are working on it and hope to have all fixed latest by end of this week.

All your download links will be available as soon as possible.

#2 – Where’s Support? I didn’t got any reply!

Just when relaunching our site, we noticed that a connection from one of our contact forms was broken and lots of emails have gone into some Email Nirvana. If you are still waiting for a reply since more than a few days, please write us again by replying to your old support ticket or creating a new one. It’s fixed now and all mails should reach us again.

All contact points fixed now! You should get a reply within 24-48 hours – during week days.

#3 – Status of Custom Community Pro

Latest version is 1.17.3. Please note, that this was the last update of 1.x series.

Why the last update?

The Custom Community codebase comes from one of the first BuddyPress theme versions and won’t get younger. Patching out things will just produce more side effects. And topics like responsive, HTML5 and CSS3 were very young if existent at all. To have a future-proof Custom Community theme we had to make a radical rework. And this is happening right now with Custom Community 2.0.

We set the current CC Pro 1.x series to sold out and removed it from the store now.

We had to make a cut somewhere. Please read the blogposts below:

About update to 1.17.3:

About version 2.0 and the full story about the Custom Community Rework:

Grandfathering in all existing CC Pro Customers

As we don’t want to leave anyone behind, we decided to grandfather in all existing customers and give you free upgrades to version 2.0 Premium once it’s out. If you use CC Pro, please read on:

We are sorry if you experienced any trouble or confusion.

Soon everything should be running smoothly again.

Please let us know if you have any other trouble!


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