Themekraft is moving

It was a bit quiet in the Themekraft world over the last months. We dived deep into the code ocean doing a lot of client stuff, WordPress plugins and working hard on Custom Community to get it into the next level.

All in all we talked about where Themekraft is going the next couple of months and did some groundbreaking decisions for the next time.

Our main focus

We focus 100% on Custom Community Theme and its world around.

Custom Community 2.0

Custom Community is about to get a rebirth and jump to version 2.0, with massive improvements. Completely reworked code, awesome new features and a whole new level of playground is waiting for you. What this means in Detail, we will show you in a special follow up. Stay tuned!

Themekraft – the next level

With Custom Community 2.0 the Themekraft site will be relaunched 100% focused on the new Custom Community eco system with premium child themes, extension market and a premium support base. All future premium products on will be CC related.

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What Do You Think?

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  1. This is the question of all questions and at this time we are afraid to promise a certain date. We want you to get all the cool stuff as soon as possible. But we want it to be bugfree and stable. And we are 100% sure that in the end we’ll all be happy with what we did. That’s why we cannot give an exact date here… For sure before the end of summer, maybe in the next weeks already…

    This depends also on the amout of people helping us testing. So if you like to help us speed up the process, become a beta tester. We will work hard to make CC 2.0 available as soon us possible.

  2. Very excited about CC 2.0, I can’t wait to see these new features. I’m happy to wait for a bugfree version. Let me know about becoming a beta tester and I’ll help out when I can.

    • Thanks Jim!

      If you’d like to beta test you can download the nightly build version from Github and report all issues there:


      Some things are obviously not working yet :) …like the post and page template builder… and parts of the design of the theme settings page itself. we’re working on it!

      Thanks to everyone helping us testing and giving us feedback!

    • actually, if you start a new project now it could be better to try out working with the nightly build directly. We will work on an update script where you can always go back in case it doesn’t work out properly. We try to make updating possible and easy for everyone. But in case of very much customization and especially child themes and custom code it could be that you have to rework some things. But we also want to have a bugfree version update of the older version, for those people who customized a lot and just want to have the bugs out of their installation. this solution should make everyone happy.

      update wizard
      – update to 2.0
      – or “just” update to the bugfixed “old” version 1.9 coming
      – if something doesn’t work out you can ALWAYS go back with a “recover” button

  3. Can, actual customers, we be able to download Newest Release during this year after purchase, as promissed?

    Is actual build avalable to download dated 23rd Dec 2011 (files were modified in this build at this date)? :)

    • not sure if i understood you correctly, but if you bought the theme for example on 23rd of December you will have download access until 23rd December of this year. Pro version 2.0 will be published during the summer and all people who bought before will be rewarded with extended download access to enjoy 2.0!

      Pricing will change, but people who bought before can keep the download access. So get it now and save.. ;)

      • I made a purchase at February, so I understand, that I will be available do download this Release :) Am I right?

        That is a great message, if is :)

        Thanks for this great job, at all!