ThemeKraft Reimagined


We made some pretty big changes since last year.

Streamlining our products to focus more on social network and e-commerce solutions. In particular Social Marketplaces powered with BuddyPress and WooCommerce.

And putting way more focus on our new flagship BuddyForms, a flexible and lightweight form-builder plugin set.

We also dropped products, like our old CC theme and a few smaller plugins.

And now we moved all the BuddyForms products back to and relaunched with a complete new site and shop that combines it all.


A quick look at what’s been happening:

  • got a new site and new shop
  • All BuddyForms products moved back to
  • We changed our shop system from WooCommerce to EDD
  • What we learned from using WooCommerce vs. EDD
  • A revolutionary update of BuddyForms is on the way
  • More cool products waiting in the pipeline!


Welcome back BuddyForms!

Exactly one year ago we separated the BuddyForms plugins to their own site and shop at It was a huge test to create a separate site and shop for a product. We wanted to test how much it makes a difference for a product from a marketing perspective and at the same time we were keen to test EDD (EasyDigitalDownloads) as a shop system (over WooCommerce which we used at was built with EDD was built with EDD and the Software Licensing Extension. While at, we used WooCommerce with the API Manager for the last 4 years – and we’ve never been 100% happy with the solution. Don’t get us wrong, WooCommerce is awesome for all physical products you like to ship somewhere; but for downloadable themes and plugins it was just never 100% satisfying.

We missed quite a view functionality. Just to mention some:

  1. Easy upgrades, so a user can switch from a 1-site-license to a 5-site-license and only pay the difference
  2. Update notification mails
  3. License expiring notifications
  4. License renewal discounts
  5. A way to check during support the users products and licenses and all relevant customer data.
  6.  and so on ;) EDD was so impressive and easy, we were almost crying!

We had quite often users reporting difficulties to activate their license from the WooCommerce shop but this never happened with the EDD shop. switches to EDD

The results of this longterm test run were clear. We just switched the ThemeKraft shop from WooCommerce to an EDD system and we are super excited to see how this works out for the new ThemeKraft store. – the test run from a marketing perspective

It was a great start with and it did feel so right to have this product and all its addons on one stand-alone domain, for many reasons. But on the other side, many users got confused and didn’t understand that BuddyForms is a ThemeKraft product, but on an own domain. And quite often people wanted to buy our WooCommerce-BuddyPress integration plugin AND BuddyForms together – but then they needed to have two different purchases and register on two different sites.


Our conclusion was clear after this one year

We wanted to bring BuddyForms back to ThemeKraft and benefit from bundled products and all the other great possibilities we have then!
We got rid of WooCommerce and use the EDD as shop solution from now on.
And finally give all our users one home and one support base.


BuddyForms Updates and New Products!

We have worked on a revolutionary BuddyForms update, you will absolutely loose it!

And further new products are already in the pipeline just waiting for the new shop to be 100% finished now. Stay tuned and check all the new cool stuff coming over the next weeks!


Give Us Your Feedback

Check out the new site and give us your feedback please. Are you happy wit the new system? We have merged all existing customers into the new system. Please contact our support if you have any issue switching the license. We will send out a separate email to all our customers with all the info and changes with the release of the new versions.


What Do You Think?