Support @Themekraft – Zendesk vs. Forums

Since the beginning of we always had BuddyPress forums and they worked out well so far. But as support became more and more intensive we also installed a ticket system from Zendesk – so users can write emails or create a support tickets in Zendesk directly. Also the premium support is handled in Zendesk.

Zendesk vs. Forums

And it turned out that Zendesk is clearly the winner. The forums are not really needed anymore as the ticket system is used to 99% in support.

So we decided to remove the forums and have all the support bundled in our Zendesk now:

Knowledge Base vs. FAQ

Also here the clearly winner is Zendesk with its Knowledge Base and a lot more possibilities than just the FAQ in our site. The complete Documentation and How To’s will be in Zendesk – the Knowledge Base:

What makes the FAQ with some how-to’s being a doubled place also… So we merged our “old” FAQ into the Knowledge Base now, which will be filled in near future with further help. ;)

The menu is now cleaner, and the support more clear.


What’s free support, what’s premium support? Just have a look here:
Support Overview


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