What can you get with BuddyForms?

What can you get with BuddyForms?

With the BuddyForms Plugin installed in WordPress you can configure 100% customizable contact, registration and publication forms for your website. If you have a project, where users need to create content on their page, it’s important to have a plugin for all the user’s interface and the frontend post.

This is the perfect plugin if you want to create simple or a bit more advanced forms; you don’t need programming knowledge or any professional level of WordPress skills.

Another quality of this plugin is that the forms have 35 field types that make it easy for you to create any type of form. Some of them are numbers, text, checkboxes, buttons, comments, multimedia files, content, taxonomies, country, state, CAPTCHA, etc.

With BuddyForms form types you can have:

• Content forms for any type of user-generated content.

• Posting forms for blog’s posts

• Magazine news

• Procedures articles

BuddyForms is the best

Among other things, it allows you to control who can create, edit and delete content using their website’s forms, granting permissions to the roles. Besides that, you can decide if unregistered users can send and view the content through the forms or not.

BuddyForms gives you the option to configure emails to be sent to you every time a user submits content for moderation. You can also set up automatic email notifications to users in order to alert them each time new content is published, or if a publication status changes, for example, from draft to published or from published to draft again.

BuddyForms protects you!

Yes, it counts with a support team that can help you with any problems that may arise (if applicable).

Are you ready to use BuddyForms and generate the best content on the Internet?

Descargue BuddyForms aquí.

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