What is BuddyForms Ultimate Member and how to take advantage of it

BuddyForms Ultimate Member

If you want to know what BuddyForms Ultimate Member is and how to take advantage of it, It’s time to stop and read this article in which we’ll present you not only the definition but its characteristics and the way in which you can enjoy its benefits.

This is a plugin with which you can add important functions to your website, blog, digital magazine and more, allowing cooperative publications.

You’ll be able to manage the publications, and control the editions that are made on the fly once they are published.

So keep reading and learn what BuddyForms Ultimate Member is.

What’s BuddyForms Ultimate Member?

Is a plugin with which it’s possible to perform the following actions:

  • Writing
  • Edit
  • Upload publications
  • Upload images
  • And also upload video
  • Generate all kinds of content on your website

The best thing is that you can do all this from your Ultimate Member profile, so you won’t need to rely on external tools.

It’s a very useful, functional, dynamic and intuitive plugin for creating content on a website.

In fact, when downloading the plugin, setting it’s very easy, It has a drag and drop system to create the form that users must send in the front-end.

BuddyForms Ultimate Member Features

To know what BF Ultimate Member is and how to take advantage of it, you must also know its characteristics.

That’s why we introduce them to you, below:

It integrates with other plugins

The best thing about BuddyForms Ultimate Member is that it’s easily incorporated with other plugins you have in WordPress, in order to make them accessible your site’s users from the website profile.

It’s special for all types of publication

By having Ultimate Member you can choose which type of publication to create when users submit forms.

This is how Ultimate Member allows any type of WordPress plugin based on personalized posts from an excellent collaborative publishing tool, allows users with a profile to add content.

It’s ideal for any online business model

If you want to know what BuddyForms Ultimate Member is, you should keep in mind that it’s a complement that fits perfectly to different online business models so you can enjoy its benefits.

So it works for online magazines, for blogs of all kinds of business and brands, for stores, Marketplaces, and more.

It’s very easy to use

With this plugin you can customize forms while you’re creating them, and what you can do by dragging and dropping the elements to design them.

In fact, you don’t need to know codes to create all kinds of forms, since it has elements such as email entry, text fields, drop-down menus, checkboxes and more.

On the other hand, keep in mind that with BuddyForms Ultimate Member you can moderate the messages, allow users to create new versions of their posts to control them without having to hide the posts.

Equally, you can choose how members with Ultimate Member profiles create, manage and edit their posts.

BuddyForms Ultimate Member


Having plugins in favor of your business, in order to generate more and better functionalities that helps you expand it further and positioning it in Google so your potential customers can find your products or services, is a great advantage.

Without any doubt, BF Ultimate Member is one of those plugins that should definitely be among the add-ons that you lean on to develop your business.

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