Why ThemeKraft believe we should welcome GDPR as a positive change

by Sven Lehnert | BuddyForms Form Builder, Sales

For WordPress developers and users GDPR has a deep impact. As far as I see, many feel about GDPR like a burden or pain in the ass. It defines a protocol how to protect personal data of everyone within the internet. Providing us with a new framework for dealing with User Generated Content (UGC).


By granting rights to access, edit and erase their personal data to everybody on every single website a shift in consciousness is taking place. Especially dealing with the data of our customers.


This is meant to inspire you to become a moving spirit in this shift.

As WordPress came up, publishing turned public. Beforehand publishing was kind of a private game of big players. Therefore WordPress means democracy in the world of publishing.


GDPR makes it a Human Right to force the internet to forget about personal data.

To my mind, GDPR is a quantum leap in the process of giving power to the people – by giving them power over their personal data. No matter where it is stored.

ThemeKraft believe we should welcome this movement towards democracy seeing the big picture


To give you an idea!

Every one of us did stupid things being a youngster. Before the raise of the internet, it was easy to forget about shame moments. Till now, such moments stay alive and accessible on the internet. Possibly causing serious headaches in your career. GDPR now grants the rights to delete any personal and especially sensible data from the internet.

Most people see GDPR only as a tool to stop the big players using UGC as big data. However, equally, it’s a tool to protect ourselves and our children regarding privacy in general.


Let’s make all fellow developers aware of GDPR!

We are the ones to take care of the code we create in order to respect human rights and enable users to access their data easily.

As developers, we may also profit from the change and integrate GDPR in our concepts. Making clear that GDPR is part of any development, requiring an adequate budget to cover all needs.

As users, we may become much more aware of what happens with our private data. If someone steals your diary, of course, you are pissed off. If I wouldn’t give you back what belongs to you, I’m sure you’d call the police.

Before GDPR took effect, I encountered services where I wasn’t able to delete my credit card details. Even after asking via email I was told that this was “just not possible”. My data would be stored safely. I felt like this was a joke! There is no safe place on the internet. This should be clear to everybody – especially shop-owners! No data is 100% save.

People with criminal energy are able to access most data stored on websites easily. Every now and then, big companies get hacked, services get hacked, and most sensitive data get stolen. There is a chance for criminals to abuse all the UGC stored on servers for big data. Providing tools to even manipulate our thoughts and feelings. With that, we’re not talking about less than mind hacking.


It’s time to become aware that we give away our data to big lobbyists.

The last scandals around Facebook and Trump are a significant indicator of how far this can go.

By now, in most people, there is only a little awareness when someone steals their data or doesn’t grant rights to access, change or delete their data. We now have the chance to make privacy a part of our brands. Secure handling of all data series. And easy and comfortable access and management of our client’s data – any time, In fact, that is a quantum leap.

As more people make use of the new possibilities, the internet will become a safer place. Maybe one day it’ll be normal to delete all your UGC data when you stop using a service or online shop.


However, until then we have a long way to go.

For now, as WordPress developer, please welcome GDPR. Let’s get ahead using UGC as a booster to our client’s businesses, taking care and making them aware of these things.

What do you think about GDPR? Do you think GDPR is a change to making the world a better place? Let us know your thoughts.


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