WooCommerce for BuddyPress 1.0.41

New version 1.0.4 of WooCommerce for BuddyPress is out now.

What the plugin does

It integrates your WooCommerce shop with your BuddyPress community. Checkout, member data and payment history are available in the profile. It synchronizes all WooCommerce data with your BuddyPress data. The solution for your social network and shop with WordPress and BuddyPress.

What’s new?

Purchase and review updates in the activity stream
Purchases and reviews are added to the activity stream, like:
“[Member A] has just wrote a [review] on [Example Product]“
…where words in square brackets are links to appropriate places.

Settings managing (for both reviews and purchases)
For every single user. Your members can manage these settings in their member profile settings.

Checkout the demo


Get it here


Watch the video

Sven made his first screencast video – yeah ;)

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  1. Hi Konrad,

    we like having member data, payment history, order history integrated with the profile, but we want to keep Cart and Checkout on their own standalone pages.

    How easy is it to modify the plugin, so that it doesn’t redirect Cart and Checkout to the profile sub-screens?

    Thanks, Roger

    • Hi Roger,

      I’m not sure how you have to modify the plugin, I was never deep in that code by myself..

      But a nice idea, every component should be possible to enable/disable – I created a ticket in our issue tracker for the devs.
      The plugin will get more and more features in the nearest future.. ^^

      Cheers, Konrad

  2. Hello,

    How would selling “access” to a specific group work? So, where Group A offers free content, Group B offers premium content and feedback. This would need to be controlled by the Group B administrator on the front end and not at the site admin level. So, how would the Group B admin set this up and how would the member go about purchasing access?

    And to fine tune this even more, how would selling access to a particular forum topic within a group work?

    So, those were probably easy questions, let me ask a more difficult one: every one of my members can create their own site and each one of those sites will be allocated space for sponsors to purchase ad space. So, let’s say that only 5 sponsors can be placed on a member’s site, how would a sponsor go about purchasing one of the five slots onto which their corporate logo is placed? Each member should be able to set their own prices for the ad space on their site. How would the member set this up? Is bidding possible? So, let’s say that a member is really popular and two shoe manufacturers want to place their logo/link on that member’s site. How can the member set up a minimum bid and length of contract and payment terms to which the manufacturers can participate in the bidding and payment process?



    P.S. My question on 2.0 has been up there for awhile without an answer ;-(

  3. Great plugin,

    I would like to integrate a my reviews tab to the buddypress profile.

    Do you know if there is a function to call a specific user’s reviews?

    Thanks in advance,


    • Hi Jonas,

      Unfortunately I cannot tell you if a function exists already which calls reviews just from specific users. But great idea, I forwarded this issue directly to the developer so we can check if to integrate this for the net version already :)

      Greetings, Konrad

      • Hi Konards,

        Thanks for your reply. Check out my site for the integration of BP and Woocommerce.

        Still looking for a way to better manage those reviews.

        Any news on this?

        Thanks in advance,