WooCommerce Version 3.0 BuddyForms Extensions Beta Test Round

In the last weeks we have worked hard to make all our plugins WooCommerce Version 3.0 compatible.

WooCommerce 3.0 is a huge update and changed the structure of the plugin. It was a challenge for all shop owners and plugin developers to make sure the update does not break the shop.

WooCommerce 3.0 was far from stable. The 3.0 version was delivered with many glitches and issues and WooCommerce produced 7 new updates in the last two month.


See the statistic: https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce/advanced/


Let us test together
We have updated all our WooCommerce related plugins now and already have done a deep testing with a small team.

Now we want to ask you to help us do a final test and make sure all BuddyForms extension work nicely with WooCommerce 3!

We also want to say Thank YOU to all the great customers reporting issues and helping us in the process. Not getting tired to work with us on the solutions. Let us test on there sites! You have brought us here and make the process a pleasure.

Now we like to ask the rest of the community to verifier our work. If you want to test please make sure you update BuddyForms and all extensions from GitHub. https://github.com/BuddyForms


Core Plugin

BuddyForms WooCommerce Form Elements

Buddyforms Woocommerce Simple Auctions


A Complete Rebuild

We have completely rebuild the Form Elements and make it work the same as it works in the backend to make sure the compatibility with WooCommerce is more solid and does not break.

All Form elements are easy to setup. You can decide in the form builder what you want to show/hide and make a product form for a specific product type and decide what fields are required.


In the above example the form element is set to the product type auction. This will end up in a form only for auctions see below


With the new Form Element options any product type is supported and set up with less clicks. We are really exited about the new possibilities and hope you will enjoy the new features the same we do. We are looking forward your feedback and the final release.

Your ThemeKraft Team

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