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The Ultimate Guide on Web Application Architecture

Learn the basics of web app architecture. In this post, you can find web application architecture types, components, and ways to…

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WordPress Security: How to Protect Your Website and Be Safe

Many site owners often complain that WordPress security sucks. Usually, this line of thinking stems from WP being an open-source…

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Guest Posts and Pay For Submission on Themekraft

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Are Invite Only Communities the Future of Social Networks?

Did you ever wonder how Startups like Initiative Q, Clubhouse or some other social networks get so much attraction with invite-only…

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Your BuddyPress Members can contact each other

Create a BuddyPress Member Profile Contact Form and let your site visitors contact your members without a registration required just…

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Integration with a Post’s Metadata

When we are creating a form in BuddyForms, whose purpose is to create or edit entries of a Post Type, sometimes we run into the…

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