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Like child and parent posts, child and parent images. Create a gallery of images and add related posts to these images as pins.
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Incredible Features

Like Google Places Pins on Maps or Facebook Tagging

We use this technique for images to posts or images to images relationships. If the user clicks on an image pin a popover gets displayed with information of the pined post. You can decide what should be displayed in the popover and have full control over the template.


A powerful tool for new and intuitive design and user experiences

Use it to create interactive stories like journals and display relevant posts to the images

Use Multiple Forms for Different Pin Types

Create Multiple forms for different pins and enable your authors to only fill out the form elements needed for there particular pined post

BF Hook Fields Support

You can use the “BuddyForms Hook Fields” extension to hook your gallery into the single view of your posts

Template Tag Support

Use buddyforms_easypin_gallery() as template tag anywhere in your single template

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Version: 1.0.1
Updated: Feb 20, 2018
Released: Apr 7, 2017
WordPress: 4.7.3

Frequent questions

Do you have documentation?

Yes, we have.

Check these channels if you need any help:

Do you have BuddyForms EasyPin addon in my language?

BuddyForms EasyPin addon is available in English only. Looking to help us translate this plugin? Please contact us at projects@themekraft.com.

Can I use BuddyForms EasyPin addon directly after I bought it?

Yes, you only need to install and activate it in your WordPress back-end. Check our Quick-Start Guide for more information on the first steps with BuddyForms.

Be sure you’re aware of the dependencies of this addon. For this consult the Dependencies section on this page.

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