Restrict Forms with Invite Codes for BuddyForms

Allow invited users to submit forms through BuddyForms by enabling Invite Codes. Make any form type invite-only, such as contact, post, and registration forms.

Restrict Forms with BuddyForms

Using BuddyForms with Invite Codes, you can restrict any type of form and use BuddyForms full potential

Any BuddyForms form type can be used, including Contact, Post, and Content forms, as well as registration forms for different Member Types and Profile forms.

Registration Forms can be used to restrict registration for a particular user group. All-in-one invite codes is fully compatible with BuddyPress & Ultimate Members, and many more relevant plugins.

Restrict Content Forms to Invite-only Guest Posts. You can restrict profile forms and invite certain members, like artists, to edit their personal data.

You will need to have

How do I access restricted forms?

You can add a Form Element to any Form and ask the user to enter the Invite Code. The invite code will be validated automatically during the form submission.

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All in 1 Invite Codes BuddyForms - Restrict Forms with Invite Codes

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