WooBuddy Groups (WooCommerce for BuddyPress)

The best solution to integrate BuddyPress Groups with WooCommerce which is perfect for any subscription and membership site or if you are offering premium support. The plugin takes a WooCommerce product to handle the membership of your WooCommerce customers into existing BuddyPress Groups.
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Incredible Features

Manage the Groups Membership in the Product Editing Screen

  • Auto joins members to groups after the payment is completed.
  • Allow customers to select the related group(s) they would like to join before adding the product to the cart.

Easy to Setup from the Product Edit Screen

To add new group membership to your products you would need to add them and set your options. Have access to that from the WC4BP group’s tab (this tab is only available if BP Groups is enabled).

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Options for Each group Inside the WC4BP Group Tab in the Product Page

  • Membership level: A group member can be a moderator, admin, or normal user.
  • Optional: If you select ‘yes’ then a user has the possibility to chose if they want to belong to the group, if you select ‘no’ the user is not able to see those options for choosing the groups and instead will be automatically added to the group with the membership level that was configured.


Product Support

Add your customers to a private support group after the purchase is complete and enable premium product support on your site

Public and Private Groups

Let your customers select group membership for public and private groups around the product
Auto joins your customers to public and private groups which you can configure in the product editing screen

Membership Levels

Predefine the membership Level ( Moderator, Admin, Normal ) that your user will become in the group

How to Relate the Product to Groups?

You go to the WC4BP groups tabs and use the search tool. Find the desired group and press ‘add’. It is possible to add the hidden and multiples groups at the same time

You will need to have

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Version: 1.4.0
Updated: Mar 30, 2020
Released: Jun 4, 2017
WordPress: 5.3.2

Frequent questions

Do you have documentation?

Yes, we have.

Check these channels if you need any help:

Do you have WooBuddy Groups addon in my language?

WooBuddy Groups addon is available in English only. Looking to help us translate this plugin? Please contact us at projects@themekraft.com.

Can I use WooBuddy Groups addon directly after I bought it?

Yes, you only need to install and activate it in your WordPress back-end. Check our Documentation for more information on the first steps with WooBuddy.

Be sure you’re aware of the dependencies of this addon. For this consult the Dependencies section on this page.

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