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A lightweight and hackable starting-point WordPress theme for your next custom theme. Let your ideas fly with ThemeKraft!
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Hi, I am the ultra-minimal starter theme _tk, ready for your next awesome WordPress project! I am the most seamless and minimalistic integration of Twitter Bootstrap Framework into the _s starter theme from Automatic, the guys behind WordPress.
Remember this theme is a blank starter theme, and you have to fill it with life!

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Frequent questions

Do you have documentation?

Yes, we have.

Check these channels if you need any help:

Do you have Starter Theme_tk in my language?

Starter Theme_tk  is available in English only. Looking to help us translate this plugin? Please contact us at projects@themekraft.com.

Can I use Starter Theme_tk directly after I bought it?

Yes, you only need to install and activate it in your WordPress back-end. 

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