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Want to create a BuddyPress Member Profile WooCommerce My Account Page and merge everything into one place?

Our all-in-one solution will let you do just that. Use our ready-made solution to migrate any WooCommerce My Account Page into the Member Profile

How to Integrate WooCommerce with BuddyPress or BuddyBoss seamlessly

Does BuddyPress work with WooCommerce?

Not by default. These two plugins are built by the same company, but they are not set to work together out of the box. We need to integrate these two by using assigned plugins. In this how-to, we will learn about all parts of deep integration and synchronization to use BuddyPress together with WooCommerce.

Profile Integration

Integrate the WooCommerce My Account Pages into the Member Profile. Store your payment and personal data right in your profile. Eliminate the default WooCommerce My Account and use BuddyPress Profiles.

Checkout Integration

Integrate Profile Fields with the Checkout.

Field Synchronization

Sync your WooCommerce data with BuddyPress.

Works with any WooCommerce Extension

Integrate any WooCommerce Extension My Account Page into the BuddyPress Member Profile.

WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration

WooCommerce Subscription

Fully Compatible WooCommerce Subscription.

BuddyPress Groups

The plugin takes a WooCommerce product to handle the membership of a group. Add WooCommerce customers into existing BuddyPress Groups, or make your customers automatically join groups after a successful purchase! Enable subscription-based access to groups. Tip: Use Groups for internal communication, like support, and make sure only paying clients have access.

Checkout Manager

Display xProfile data in online order emails, or ‘purchase complete’ pages. Add your BuddyPress Member Profile Fields to the WooCommerce Checkout. Manage your WooCommerce Checkout field and remove any unwanted fields, such as “phone number”, from the checkout form.


Does BuddyPress work with WooCommerce?

Yes, they work alongside each other! Though in the default setup, they are not well integrated and we keep the following in mind:

Data Structure
They use different tables to store data; WooCommerce uses user_meta to store data, and BuddyPress comes with the profile fields. So, these two tables need to get synced in order to keep the data consistent.

My Account Pages
WooCommerce comes with pre-built ‘My Account’ and ‘Shopping Cart’ pages upon installation. These pages are not a part of the BuddyPress Member Profile, and therefore, you will have two member areas on the page. These pages need to get integrated into BuddyPress Member Profiles.

Both Plugins are built automatically by default. The company behind WordPress. BuddyPress and WooCommerce

What is BuddyPress used for?

Social layer for WordPress
BuddyPress is used for a variety of sites. It offers social network features in a modular way. So, you only enable what is relevant to your needs. It’s not the new Facebook. It’s a social layer for WordPress.

For example,
Are you in need of member profiles? With BuddyPress, that’s exactly what you get! Need a private messaging feature your members? Enable it in just one-click! Whether you require Groups for Support, or member profiles for customers with easy-to-access information links and forms relevant to your site, BuddyPress has got you covered!

It’s great to see shop owners admire the benefits of BuddyPress. Not only can you enable your customers to find all relevant information and support in their profiles, but also merge all shop-relevant views into their member profiles.

Here’s an idea! Why not provide paying clients with access to support directly on your site? Reward loyal users with points, ranks, and gamification!

Use gamification on your site with BuddyPress to bring more engagement into your community. MyCred or GamiPress are two examples of plugins that work with BuddyPress and WooCommerce right out of the box. Use them to unlock the true impact of reward badges!

Paid Memberships with BuddyPress
Another option is to have paid-only memberships with all the benefits of a social network. Limit access to groups, information or publishing rights. With the WooCommerce Subscription, you can add members to groups as long as the membership is active. Change user member types and roles dynamically and disable features in the profile for different membership levels.

Do you need BuddyPress for BuddyBoss?

NO, not at all. BuddyPress is the original and BuddyBoss has forked BuddyPress to rebrand it.

BuddyPress is the free open-source version developed by the community

BuddyBoss is the commercial version supported by a company.

The difference is that BuddyPress is run by a Community and BuddyBoss is run by a Company.

What’s Included

Our solution comes with the BuddyForms pluginBuddyForms Hook Fields extension, and
step-by-step installation wizard that makes it very easy to get started.

WooBuddy – WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration

WooBuddy – WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration

WooBuddy – Groups

WooBuddy – Groups

WooBuddy – Checkout Manager

WooBuddy – Checkout Manager

WooBuddy – Subscriptions Integration

WooBuddy – Subscriptions Integration



Solution Bundle
You get a bundle of BuddyForms plugins, BuddyForms Hook Fields extension & step-by-step wizard that will guide you through the installation process.


Guide & Documentation
Our solution comes with a simple wizard that makes it easy to install and update the plugins in the future. Plus, you will get access to our detailed documentation.


We are always here to constantly support and guide you. We maintain and update our solutions frequently to make sure they are always up to standard.

Use the Setup Wizard Plugin to Install all dependencies of the Display Form Submissions Solution

Download the Wizard and install it like a regular WordPress plugin. Enter the license key in the Solutions installer and you are good to go! Just follow the steps in the Wizard and all Dependencies will be automatically downloaded and activated for you.

You can also follow the Manual Steps and use them to help you understand the setup in detail.


Download our free wizard

Download our
free wizard


Manual step-by-step guide

Manual step-by-
step guide

Affordable Pricing 

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$79.99 / year

One Site

WooBuddy Bundle

1 Site License

One year of support

One year of updates


$89.99 / year

5 Sites

WooBuddy Bundle

5 sites license

One year of support

One year of updates


$99.99 / year

Unlimited Sites

WooBuddy Bundle

Unlimited Sites License

One year of support

One year of updates

How to Integrate WooCommerce with BuddyPress or BuddyBoss seamlessly

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