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Fresh out of the Themekraft Laboratories! x2

x2 is a Premium Theme for WordPress, BuddyPress, bbPress & WooCommerce. Developed with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP and Twitter Bootstrap.

Designed for any type of website from personal blog to larger scaled website.
Great for Magazines, Shops and Social Networks.

Get x2 Theme here

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Have a look at the Demo?

Checkout the demo page to see what this theme can do and how it looks.

Check out the demo page

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Why and how it was created


A few weeks ago

..we felt the strong desire to build some new stuff. Actually, we wanted to work further on Custom Community, but for some hot new stuff (that would actually quickly be done) we saw a lot of update problems and headache coming to us that made it too hard to realize in Custom Community – at least without a lot of time delay as 1000 more questions were coming up. So in the end..

We decided to make a test

..and we wanted to free ourselves and start building something new, but based on CC. We freed ourselves from the update headache and started out with a new theme in mind. Cleaned up a lot of code and reduced the styles about 50%. Made it a lot more beautiful. Then started to clean up the massive amount of options by removing, reordering or adding new features where needed.

We thought a lot about usability

and which features or templates were needed to create a new site with the current standards. Wether a blog, magazine, shop or social network. It should be easy to use, always beautiful and still highly customizable.

We also wanted to integrate Twitter Bootstrap

and play around with this wonderful framework we start to love. Further we wanted a 3D slideshow, a carousel, more templates, a widgetized homepage and new fresh meta boxes for the single page options (we just didn’t really like the old ones).

So with all that in mind Sven and me locked ourselves in our laboratory for a few weeks and now we have this baby here:


x2 Premium Theme

When do we recommend x2?

We would recommend to use x2 if you start out a new project or want to switch your website design anyway.
No matter if personal blog, corporate or portfolio site, magazine, shop and/or a social network.


For beginner and developers

x2 is made for beginner and developers as well. On the one hand, it’s easy to use it out of the box, on the other hand it comes with tons of options to customize every part of the site. Clean and extensible code for the developers of us.


For Custom Community Users

If you used Custom Community before watch your emails! You got an email with a coupon code to get an x2 special deal! :)
x2 is a completely fresh theme. You cannot simply update from CC to x2 and keep all the settings. It will be a fresh start. Therefore make a backup or a fresh test install to play around with the new possibilites first.


Free version

A free version is about to follow quite soon on the WordPress repository. We hope to make a lot of people enjoy this easy theme in its basic functions soon!

Right now just a premium version is availabe.



More than 14 languages available already! As the text strings in the frontend are the same, we were able to use the CC language files as our starting point for x2. More info on our demo page.

If you’d like to help translating, have a look here.

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More updates about the x2 world will follow soon.

Let us know your ideas, thoughts, comments.

We hope you enjoy it!


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    • should also work seamlessly, if you run into any trouble please create a support ticket and let us know. wish you success with your project :)

  1. I have already bought the theme but not installed it yet.

    In the x2 demo online:

    1. What does the demo data import does?

    2. In google chrome (haven’t checked in other browsers):

    * “Order By” box does not show full text hight in buddypress links
    * The forum width is cut-off on sides and does not show complete text in
    buddypress forums section.

  2. I have been using the theme and reporting the bugs to Jason via support ticket system. Btw, Jason has been been very helpful and patient….so a big thank you to Jason!

    Few observations and suggestions:

    1. Theme should have a full demo data which explains the new user (buyer) of the theme what is really possible with this theme and where and how it is embedded in the theme. This will help the new users/buyers of the X2 theme big time because they know know what is where and how they can replace that demo data and have their own site set up correctly and quickly.

    2. I have asked and found solutions to lot of questions via support system. To make it easier for all including Themekraft, I think theme should have a section in the backend or somewhere explaining common things (that users ask via support tickets) such as:

    – where is the wp-confi.php, how to edit it, etc
    – how to edit the footer
    – how to copy the footer.php from X2 theme to X2 child theme
    – how to edit the X2 child theme to avoid getting the “custom changes” wiped out when the updated version of the theme is installed on a live site
    – how to safeguard the changes that are done in the theme options in the CSS file from getting wiped out during theme update to new version
    – how to “automatically” force the use of X2 Theme by your members on their subsites/blogs if you are running Multisite anabled WP and BuddyPress. I have problems where my new members keep getting the opther themes such as BP Default, BP Twenty Ten, and BP Twenty Tweleve etc even though I network activated only X2 theme and disabled all other themes.
    – how to “automatically” force the same footer text appear on you main site and all the subsites/blogs (multisite WP/BP version) instead of the standard footer from “WordPress and X2 Theme”

    The above will help lesson the burden on the support and help the buyers big time in my opinion.

    3. Finally, I think the X2 Theme should be extensively tested on a live test site with Multisite and BuddyPress installed so that the common issues are discovered by the theme designers quickly and hence fixed. This very important for us to actually launch our project on time.

    It is a great theme and I love it….just would like to see the above improvements.

    Hopefully I have provided some good feedback.

    Thank you.

      • Thank you for listening.

        One other suggestion I have is that the frequency of releasing the new versions of the X2 theme should be more often (like weekly or so), especially in the beginning. I believe it will help the users with quick fixes to improvements or discovered issues.

        • thanks for the feedback, we will have more updates of the pro versions in future. we also thought about this already and we know we could make more often updates, especially smaller updates as our updates are mostly fully packed.. :)

          cheers, konrad

          • I 100% agree. Smaller updates should be pushed out on a weekly basis or so. I know I am waiting for the update for almost 2 weeks now to see the little things fixed as I reported in my support tickets. Some things are really little but they have bad impression on our members such as the extended profile issues in the buddypress where date selector has very long fields and breaks in to two rown on the theme….similarly ajax privacy options don’t even work in the extended fields.

            It is really delaying our project when it takes so long to get these kinds of little things fixed. So you can see how more frequent updates are badly needed.

            Thank you.

  3. I currently have the free CC theme. I am ready to purchase the new x2 premium theme. Has anybody migrated from the free CC to the premium x2? My site is still new with only 22 posts and 75 replies so far. So the amount of data is not huge. Also, I have not made any changes to the default set-up other than changing backgrounds and other things that can be handled simply from the WP Dashboard.

    • Hi Kevin,

      the theme settings will have to be setup again, the custom css mostly works if just copied over.

      we migrated a highly customized child theme of CC Pro to x2 just now, and it was quite some work, but also worked out better than we thought :)

      • I don’t have any custom CSS that I know of. As I mentioned, I am just getting started. Would you have a few moments to look at my site and see if you think it looks like it will be much of a problem to migrate? My site is http://leadershipvoices.com

        Also, I am not sure what exactly a child theme is and how to use it. I can tell from what I am reading that it is good to have one and make your changes to that.

        Any help would be appreciated.

      • Wonderful News!

        Please keep providing frequent updates, it helps us quickly resolve any issues that we discover.

        Thank you for acting quickly.

      • Just wondering how will we get the update uploaded in to the WP-Admin?

        Are we getting some kind of email notification with a link to the latest version or will the new version of the theme automatically show up in the WP-Admin and we can just update the theme from there?


        • konrads says:
          “I JUST updated x2 theme to newest version 1.11 ;)
          ..article will follow tomorrow..”

          Ok, I just checked and the new article says the “Custom Community” has been updated to version 1.11.

          I don’t see version 1.11 of X2 theme.

          How and where do I get the updated version X2 theme?

          Please advise.

  4. Guys…what is this? This is what we all expected from CC. I thought that you didn’t have the capacity to create something like x2, but apparently you do – but now we have to buy a new theme to get the design and functionality that we have been waiting for from CC? That’s lousy..

    You say there is a special deal for owners of CC sent by e-mail. I still haven’t received any e-mails since I registered on this site. Your e-mail function is not working properly. I’ve checked my e-mail address and I’ve been in contact with you before, asking for updates via e-mail, but no change.

    • Hi Isak,

      we’re very sorry for your trouble and the confusing, but this was the only possible way for some features to add them without breaking updates.