x2 – new Premium WordPress Theme

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Fresh out of the Themekraft Laboratories! x2

x2 is a Premium Theme for WordPress, BuddyPress, bbPress & WooCommerce. Developed with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP and Twitter Bootstrap.

Designed for any type of website from personal blog to larger scaled website.
Great for Magazines, Shops and Social Networks.

Get x2 Theme here

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Have a look at the Demo?

Checkout the demo page to see what this theme can do and how it looks.

Check out the demo page

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Why and how it was created


A few weeks ago

..we felt the strong desire to build some new stuff. Actually, we wanted to work further on Custom Community, but for some hot new stuff (that would actually quickly be done) we saw a lot of update problems and headache coming to us that made it too hard to realize in Custom Community – at least without a lot of time delay as 1000 more questions were coming up. So in the end..

We decided to make a test

..and we wanted to free ourselves and start building something new, but based on CC. We freed ourselves from the update headache and started out with a new theme in mind. Cleaned up a lot of code and reduced the styles about 50%. Made it a lot more beautiful. Then started to clean up the massive amount of options by removing, reordering or adding new features where needed.

We thought a lot about usability

and which features or templates were needed to create a new site with the current standards. Wether a blog, magazine, shop or social network. It should be easy to use, always beautiful and still highly customizable.

We also wanted to integrate Twitter Bootstrap

and play around with this wonderful framework we start to love. Further we wanted a 3D slideshow, a carousel, more templates, a widgetized homepage and new fresh meta boxes for the single page options (we just didn’t really like the old ones).

So with all that in mind Sven and me locked ourselves in our laboratory for a few weeks and now we have this baby here:


x2 Premium Theme

When do we recommend x2?

We would recommend to use x2 if you start out a new project or want to switch your website design anyway.
No matter if personal blog, corporate or portfolio site, magazine, shop and/or a social network.


For beginner and developers

x2 is made for beginner and developers as well. On the one hand, it’s easy to use it out of the box, on the other hand it comes with tons of options to customize every part of the site. Clean and extensible code for the developers of us.


For Custom Community Users

If you used Custom Community before watch your emails! You got an email with a coupon code to get an x2 special deal! :)
x2 is a completely fresh theme. You cannot simply update from CC to x2 and keep all the settings. It will be a fresh start. Therefore make a backup or a fresh test install to play around with the new possibilites first.


Free version

A free version is about to follow quite soon on the WordPress repository. We hope to make a lot of people enjoy this easy theme in its basic functions soon!

Right now just a premium version is availabe.



More than 14 languages available already! As the text strings in the frontend are the same, we were able to use the CC language files as our starting point for x2. More info on our demo page.

If you’d like to help translating, have a look here.

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More updates about the x2 world will follow soon.

Let us know your ideas, thoughts, comments.

We hope you enjoy it!


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