x2 – quick update to 1.1

The new version 1.1 of x2 is available now. A bunch of bugs have been fixed, especially for WP 3.5 and some bugs reported by users.

More Updates

We will increase frequency of updates for the future and publish more often small updates so bugfixes are handled faster and your projects can move on.

// Also Custom Community Pro will get more often updates..

Download here

If you have purchased x2 already, just login and use the download link in your sidebar.

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Free version x2 lite

A free version will follow soon on wordpress.org.

Thanks to everyone contributing by feedback, ideas or bug reports!

We hope you enjoy the new version!


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  1. Hi Guys,

    Did shortcodes dissapear from this version? shortcodes.php is only 5k big vs. 62K in 1.0. And x2_slideshow isn’t working.


    • Not sure what was going wrong here, but x2 will be checked and a fresh update is on the way! Thanks for your feedbak, and sorry for any disomfort!

      • Some Suggestions:

        1. Please have someone test X2 “EXTENSIVELY” using Multisite and BuddyPress and some top plugings for BP.

        It will all save us a lot of time and we can get our projects get started faster.

        2. An X2 forum at themekraft.com will be great where we can ask questions and get help from not just the X2 support team but other users of X2 can also help out.

  2. Thank you KonradS.

    I also just submitted a support ticket with my feedback on X2 theme.
    I will appreciate if thekekraft “management” can provide some response on that ticket via support system.

    Have a nice day.

  3. has alone had problems with groups with the x2 theme? I put in one test group and it repeats over and over on the Groups Page. It does not with other test themes. Have been waiting for support on a few tickets, but this one is a priority.