x2 Theme Rework – new free theme version and premium extension available now

The huge x2 theme rework is finally finished now!


x2 Premium Theme has transformed into a free theme and a premium extension now.

To sum up in some words:

We took the x2 Premium Theme and separated the premium features into a plugin. Now you have a lightweight free version of the x2 theme and a premium extension.

This free x2 theme was now approved by the WordPress Theme Review Team and just went live at 1st January 2014 at the WordPress.org Theme Repository.

And by the way, thanks to all for a brilliant start with great first reviews and 600-800 downloads daily already! :)

If you didn’t read the blogposts before, we’ve written a lot about the needed rework in x2 theme here and here.

If you are using the x2 Premium Theme already

With the NEXT free theme update you will be able to switch to the new system!

The premium pack is finished already and will replace the current premium theme version. You will then have the new free theme version as your future theme and the premium extension added on top.

How to update?

With the next version of the free theme we will catch if you had the premium version before. So you don’t need to worry and you can just switch to the new x2 free theme and install the premium plugin. And your site should look exactly the same after updating!

When to update?

We will send around an email then! This email will also contain coupon codes so you can purchase the new premium extension for free!

Download x2 Free Theme

Just go to your wp-admin to Appearance -> Themes -> Add New and search for “x2”

** If you use the x2 premium theme already, please read the notice above!

Read more about the x2 Free Theme here:

[product id=”9682″]

Get the x2 Premium Pack here

[product id=”9694″]

» New Demo Site coming too!

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  1. Great job on the re-work. I imagine you also decided that reworking it based on Bootstrap v2 would be somewhat silly and have now based it on Bootstrap v3?

    • Hi Matt, no, we decided to stick with the code as much the same as possible – best for save hasslefree updates!

      We simply separated to free theme and premium extension, and for the free theme we took care to fulfill all new WordPress Theme Review Requirements..

      x2 will stay like this for a while now and simply be stable ;)

      Cheers, konrad

  2. dennismsmith says:

    I have the premium version and notice there is an update via wordpress, do I need to do anything other than update it there? Is there a code I get to add the premium pack?

    • Hey Dennis,

      Unfortunately we have some trouble and just reconfiguring our whole mailchimp email userbase now.

      As soon as this works out I can finally send out all the coupons…

      Should be just a matter of days…

      I replied to your support ticket just few seconds ago..

      Cheers, Konrad