x2 – version 1.2 available now

x2-version-1-2-out-nowComing with a lot of fixes and the new Loop Designer, which gives you full control on creating your own post listing styles with a few clicks. We are very excited about this new feature which makes a lot of fun and saves you a lot of time.

What has changed since last version?

Bugs fixed
After a turbulent last update (sorry again for the hassle, all bugs should be fixed now) a bunch of bugs sneaked into the code. All issues found or reported by users are fixed and the theme tested again.
– some last WP 3.5 and jQuery bugs
– fixed magazine homepage option and home-magazine.php
– several minor CSS fixes on .boxgrid, content, comments, widgets,..
– fixed content color option
– corrected some helping descriptions
– made the index.php work again with bubbles as default

Features and improvements
– tweaked titles for widget styles
– improved code for the margin of the content
– added the default, bubble and image-caption styles to the list post widget
finished the Loop Designer!

The Loop Designer

We’ve been very busy around new year with finishing the Loop Designer, which we are proud to present you with x2 version 1.2.

Now you can modify or create your own template for listing posts, pages or custom post types and use them throughout the theme.

Create and design new loop templates on the fly
Loop Designer - Backend View

We are very excited about this new feature! It saves us a lot of time while designing something essential like the loops.

WordPress and Loops
WordPress is all about displaying posts and listing them.
Now you can customize all with a few clicks.
Or use predefined templates out of the box.

Screenshot of a Loop Designer’s settings tab – here for the featured image settings
Loop Designer - screenshot featured image tab

Use your custom loop templates throughout the theme with a click
Loop Designer - screenshot using custom loop templates in the List Posts Widget

More about the Loop Designer
An extra blog post about the Loop Designer will come soon..
More Documentation about the Loop Designer will also follow soon in our Knowledge Base.

Download x2 with the integrated Loop Designer here

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* If you purchased x2 already *
Simply login here and use the download link for x2 in the sidebar, as usual.
The newest update will be downloaded automatically.

More updates in the future

Yes, as promised in the last blog post for x2, we will increase the frequency of updates from now on. We will have more often quick updates published to have your projects move on.

We will also increase the time frame for testing new features before they will be added to a live update. This will save us all time and hassle.

The next update

The next update is already on the way. Coming with fixed language files for Swedish and Danish, and a new language file for Norwegian – BIG thanks to Ole who made this possible! Cheers!

Thanks to everyone

…for contributing by feedback, ideas, bug reports and more!

We hope you enjoy the new version!

We would love to hear your feedback about the new version!
Tell us what you think! Leave us a comment.

If you should run into any trouble, you can write us a support ticket here:

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