This page is our approach on how to manage Guest Posts. We invite you to write
for us. Use the form to submit your content. After your first submission, you will
get an activation mail with all relevant links and we will review your content
before it gets published and give you feedback if needed.

Why we did decide to offer Guest Posts?

How often you get a message from someone ASKING if he could write some content for your blog as a guest author?

ThemeKraft gets a lot of these requests every week in our support.

The question is how to separate the good from the bad and give honest authors the tools they need. This question motivated us to find an easy solution to better handle this, letting the users write for us.

First, we create a mail template in our helpdesk to automatically redirect new requests to a landing page with all needed information and the form.

Guest Posts Guidelines

Second BuddyForms is all about User-generated Content and the form below is one great example of the usage of BuddyForms. We add all views to write and review and manage guest posts with BuddyForms Core – BuddyForms Members – BuddyForms Moderation

AND now we ask you to join our blog and write some content!

What you get from it
You get listed as an Author under your guest posts in a noisy and fancy AuthorBox with a link to your site.

You can link to other sites in the content if it is relevant and not a backlink hack or an unserious link. We will always review any link with care!

Guest Post Guidelines.

Qualify guidelines.

To qualify to submit and publish a guest post you’ll need to fulfill the following requirements:


  1. Write an article of, at least, 1000 words.
  2. Have original content, never duplicated nor posted in any other Site of the www.
  3. Have an article created by the one indicated as the “author” and never use content from another author.
  4. Every article must link to, at least, another article in our blog.
  5. Every link must be honest, and not spam. This means that every link must redirect to a web with related or relevant content to us and our audience. Of course, it must not be black-listed by Google.
  6. The subjects that we accept are User-Generated Content, eCommerce / WooCommerce, Buddypress, Ultimate Member, BuddyForms or any other WordPress use case and plugin if it is interesting:) Also, how-tos or tutorials or developer/ designer relevant topics are welcome. We also receive digital marketing content.
  7. We won’t accept any content with racial, sexual, nationality, nor any other kind of discrimination, personal insults, or attacks, and nothing containing pornography of any kind.
  8. All Guest Posts are susceptible to link insertions at our discretion. The content will not be modified and we’ll only add an anchor paragraph (if needed) for the link to be contextualized.


In ThemeKraft we take very seriously our Magazine and its integrity out of respect for our readers and our contributors. We only accept real pages managed by real people targeting real people.

Submit guidelines.

Every guest post submitted to ThemeKraft Magazine needs to have four elements.


  1. The article itself, submitted on Guest Post Submission Page
  • A Featured Image (free licensed, created by the contributor, or paid by the contributor) (The image cannot be licensed or not have the requirements for its use) submitted on Guest Post Submission Page
  1. The author’s bio information submitted on the contributor’s account profile page on
  2. A backlink.

Submission Process.

  1. Submission: After you have submitted your article to us, we will review it along with the backlink.
  2. Review: Because of the volume of submissions we receive daily, the reviewing process could take us up to 7 workdays.
  3. Changes: If the article needs any correction we’ll let you know by email sent from You’ll have all the time you need to make changes.
  4. Approval: Once the article is approved, we’ll send you an email with the publishing date and the live link to the post.
  5. Publishing: The publishing date could be between two or four weeks after the article’s approval.
  6. Rejection: If the article is not admitted, for any reason mentioned in the section Qualify Guidelines and Submit Guidelines, we’ll let you know by an email sent from This decision is not always final, and you can request up to a third revision. If the third revision is negative, we’ll refund your money if paid.
  7. Refund: You can ask for a refund on any step of the process except when the article was approved and we have sent you a publishing date and a link to the live post. (Step 4 (approval) of the submission process).
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