Larry WordPress BuddyBoss Theme

Inbuilt WooCommerce – BuddyPress – BuddyBoss – Lifter LMS Support. Fully Responsive Mobile first WordPress Theme

WordPress Classic Editor and Gutenberg Block Editur Compatible

Larry WordPress BuddyBoss Theme

A lightweight and uncluttered BuddyBoss Theme!

Larry BuddyBoss Theme Mac

Lightweight BuddyBoss Theme for Designers and Agencies 
Perfectly integrates with the BuddyBoss Platform and adds tons of functionality for Shop Owners and Learning Communities or any kind of niche Social Network build with BuddyBoss

Ideal for
WooCommerce Shop Owners
Learning Platforms and Schools: Lifter LMS and LearnDash are fully supported
Auction and Marketplaces Sites

We take care of Performance and Speed and make Usability and elegance our main goals.

Unclutter the social net and offer functionality on the point with Larry BuddyBoss Theme. Check out the Theme options and Page Templates. 

Classic or Gutenberg 
We let you decide and just make sure that Larry works with all of them. Also, Larry is compatible with Elementor and Divi! Your choice 

Templates you will love
Full support for Parent and Child Theme functionality- This theme is like a Starter Theme for people liking the code. It’s extra clean and simple to get changed easily and always stays fast.



Larry WordPress BuddyBoss Theme

What Do You Want To Build?

Business / Portfolio / Magazine

Business / Portfolio / Magazine

BuddyPress BuddyBoss Social Network

BuddyPress Social Network

WooCommerce Online Store

Business / Portfolio / Magazine

LifterLMS Online Courses

LifterLMS Online Courses
WooCommerce Theme
BuddyPress Theme
BuddyBoss Theme
Font Awesome
WooCommerce Store Ready

WooCommerce Store Ready

Enjoy some handy theme options for your store.

BuddyPress Like A Boss

BuddyPress Like A Boss with Larry BuddyBoss Theme

A clean BuddyPress design and handy extra features.

LifterLMS Online Courses

Seamless Integration with LifterLMS

Build an outstanding online course platform with LifterLMS and Larry.

You’ll be up and running within minutes.

Easy to set up with only a handful of carefully selected theme options.
No coding is required.

Easy to set up

Theme Options

Check out all theme options in detail here.

Site Identity

Site Identity

  •   Add Your Logo
  •   Show/Hide Site Title
Customizer Colors


  •   Choose Link Color
  •   Hover color generated based on your link color
Blog Options

Blog Options

  •   Display sidebars for blog archives
  •   Display sidebars for single posts
  •   Post thumbnails in archive views: fixed or natural height
Menu Styling

Menu Styling

  •   Fixed top menu or normal?
  •   Dark or light menu style?
WooCommerce - Shop View

WooCommerce – Shop View

  •   Display sidebars in shop archives?
  •   Hide add-to-cart buttons in the shop loop?
  •   Hide catalog ordering?
  •   Display categories in each item.
WooCommerce - Product View

WooCommerce – Product View

  •   Display sidebars in single products?
  •   Hide bread crumbs in single products?
  •   Hide extra data in the product summary?
  •   Give your shop a minimalistic look in seconds!
Larry WordPress BuddyBoss Theme

WooCommerce – Checkout

  •   Display Cart Icon
    Always / Never / Just when items in the cart
  •   Direct Checkout
    Redirect to checkout after adding item to cart
BuddyPress Customizer


  • Show/Hide BP Dropdown Profile Navigation
  • Show/Hide Notifications Icon
  • Show/Hide Messages Icon
Extras Cstomizer


  •   Disable Google Fonts
    Don’t wanna use it, just deactivate it!
  •   GDPR Google Fonts
    Larry is full compatible with the GDPR Google Fonts Plugin

Page Templates

4 different page templates.

Full Width

The default template. Simply a full width page.

Full With Template


with a sidebar on the right.

Template Sidebar

Featured Image

Displays the featured image wide on top, with the page title inside.
Below comes your content, as a full width page.

template featured image

Featured Image, with Sidebar

Displays the featured image wide on top, with the page title inside.
Below comes your content, with a sidebar on the right.

template featured image sidebar

Love Clean Code?

Perfect for designers and developers.


Clean and easy templates. Straightforward WordPress theming. Kick ass starter theme.

Larry WordPress BuddyBoss Theme

What is a BuddyBoss Theme?

A BuddyBoss Theme is a theme designed to work with the BuddyBoss Platform. It comes with all the template files for the Member Profiles, Groups, and other views relevant to the BuddyBoss Platform

Is the BuddyBoss Platform free

No, the BuddyBoss Platform is built by BuddyBoss and you need to buy a license to use it. If you likes to get the free version check out BuddyPress. Larry is fully compatible with BuddyPress.

Is BuddyBoss a Theme or Plugin?

BuddyBoss is a company that build a BuddyBoss Theme and the BuddyBoss Platform. You only need the BuddyBoss Platform or BuddyPress for Larry to work.

Affordable Pricing 

Choose the package that’s right for you.


$19.99 / year

One Site

BuddyPress / BuddyBoss / WooCommerce / LearnDash

1 Site License

One year of support

One year of updates


$29.99 / year

5 Sites

BuddyPress / BuddyBoss / WooCommerce / LearnDash

5 sites license

One year of support

One year of updates


$39.99 / year

Unlimited Sites

BuddyPress / BuddyBoss / WooCommerce / LearnDash

Unlimited Sites License

One year of support

One year of updates

Larry WordPress BuddyBoss Theme

Our 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee fully protects you. During the first 7 days, if you experience an issue that makes the plugin unusable, and we are unable to resolve it. In that case, we’ll happily consider offering a full refund of your money.