BuddyForms Advanced Custom Fields

Integrates the popular Plugin “Advanced Custom Fields” (ACF) with BuddyForms. Use all ACF Fields in your form like native BuddyForms form elements.

Advanced Custom Fields Free and Pro

This plugins supports the Free and Pro version of ACF out of the box. The plugin detects if Free or Pro version is installed, and loads the correct ACF field groups an fields.


ACF for the backend and BuddyForms for the front end.

ACF is the preferred choice for creating post metaboxes for the edit screen in the WordPress backend (wp-admin). It comes packed with tons of great form elements and features.


Use all of the Advanced Custom Fields features in the front end and combine the best of both worlds.

BuddyForms ACF works with all BuddyForms Extensions.


Use ACF to create a BuddyPress Component

Create a BuddyPress Members Component or extend your groups with ACF fields!


Use ACF for all your form fields

With ACF enabled you build your form fields once and use everywhere. Use ACF for all form elements needed and just integrate the ACF field groups or single fields in your BuddyForms forms.

You can use any ACF Field or Custom ACF Fields with BuddyForms and combine them with BuddyForms Fields and Extensions.


Moderation for your ACF Forms

With BuddyForms Moderation you get real post submission moderation to your hands.
Let your users create and edit posts without creating the ugly 404 “WordPress is struggling” if a published post is set back to draft. ;)


Use everywhere

With BuddyForms and ACF together you build your field sets once and use them everywhere.
In the backend edit screen or in the front end via shortcodes or integrated with BuddyPress or any other BuddyForms supported plugin.
Combine the power and get the most out of your post forms in the front and backend, seamlessly.