BuddyForms BuddyPress Post in Groups

With the BuddyForms BuddyPress Post in Groups extension, we bring all the power of BuddyPress groups and BuddyForms together. Enable your group members to work on new posts together. Define create edit and delete permissions based on group member rights.

Manage Post within the Group

In the BuddyForms Admin Settings, you enable the post in groups extension and decide the forms you want to make available for your groups.

BuddyForms Post in Groups Admin Settings



Define what group roles are allowed to create edit and delete posts

BuddyForms BuddyPress Post in Groups Permissions









View Submissions in the Group

Define what posts to view in the Group Post List


  • All posts of the post type
  • Posts from members of the group
  • Posts associated with this group
  • Form Submissions


Form Elements

a) Group Select – Select the group this post is attached to

b) Author Select – Select the Author of the post.


See the video highlighting the features of the plugin.


Read this post about the plugin

How to use BuddyPress Groups for a Collaborative Publishing Process of Blog Posts