BuddyForms BuddyPress Members

BuddyForms BuddyPress Members

Make BuddyPress useful for authors and enable blogging and content creation for your existing post types from the BuddyPress member profiles. Enable your users to write and manage any type of content.

$79.99 / Annually                     FREE 14-Day Trial

BuddyPress User Generated Content made easy. Let your members submit, create, edit and delete posts from their profile.

BuddyPress does not come with blogging or post form functionality from the frontend or member profile. WordPress is about blogging - but BuddyPress isn't. To enalbe full blogging functionality for BuddyPress members we have build the BuddyForms Members plugin.


Michael Eisenwasser
Founder BuddyBoss

"BuddyForms solves a great problem in the BuddyPress world, to allow users to post any type of content from the front-end. Easy to use and extremely useful."

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The Professional Version comes with these great features:

  • xProfile fields and groups form elements
  • Member types form element
  • Activity stream support
  • Premium support

Integrate any post types into the BuddyPress ecosystem and make it accessible for your users - right from their profile.

Use BuddyForms add-ons to enable moderation, review system, revision control, hierarchical posts and many more features. See all add-ons here.


  • Integrate forms into your BuddyPress members profile. Allow your users to write, edit, upload posts, images, videos & just about any other content to your community, right from their BuddyPress member profile!
  • Create group forms: Many forms can share the same profile tab . All forms with the same attached page can be grouped together. They will be listed as sub-navigation tabs in the main menu of the profile tab.
  • Manage the visibility of who can see your submissions in your profile
  • > Private – Only the logged in member in his profile. > Community – Logged in users can see other users profile posts > Public Visible – Unregistered users can see user profile posts


  • From simple to advanced forms you can build forms in minutes.
  • Manage permissions: define, create, edit and delete rights for each role and form.
  • Get all the necessary form elements like text fields, email input, checkboxes, dropdowns and more.
  • Choose how your members create, manage and edit their posts. With moderation and permission control you can automate your publishing process and save a lot of time. → Check out the BuddyForms plugin for more information and other free extensions that come with it

See the plugin in action:


Bowe Frankema
Founder wefoster.co

"BuddyForms has proven to be an invaluable plugin for our community. By allowing our community members to easily submit and edit content through a one simple form, content creation on our site has skyrocketed. Combined with the BuddyPress integration and the excellent support from the team at ThemeKraft, it’s the perfect solution for any site owner who’s interested in user submitted content."