On this page, you can find tools we truly recommend to our customers.

We only recommend what we use ourselves and fell in love with. Products and services on this site are used on nearly every client project and on the ThemeKraft site, and we trust the companies behind. We would never ever add any link just to get some income.

Some are affiliate links but this site is meant to be a great resource for you. We have tested all the competitors and we play around with every new tool. We are always keen to learn about new plugins and services (if you have any, pls let us know ????).

To make it up to this site and get recommended from us, your product needs to be truly the best of its kind. We take it seriously and want to share what we think is great so that the entire community can benefit from it.

Recommended Tools & Products

Hosting with WP Engine

We use WP Engine since years and we love their service. If you want to have a hassle-free hosting provider you can grow with and trust that they always use the latest techniques, then WP Engine is yours. They even help build the tools for the next step of hosting and they take security to the next level. You won’t need any other security plugin if you use WP Engine and they also work great with Cloudflare and WP Rocket.

Recommended Tools & Products

Page Builder Elementor

If you’d like to use a page builder, Elementor is the best page builder at the moment –  ruling the WordPress world. There is nothing close to what they offer and all our clients love it. It is such a pleasure to see what can be done with Elementor.
But we also need to let you know that for all our bigger clients we don’t use it and build all templates by our self for many reasons.

If you want to have a PWA (Progressive Web App), Elementor will not work for you. If you are a small- to middle-scaled company, Elementor can be a great benefit. If you want to build the next fancy site based on React and only use WordPress as backend, then Elementor is not the solution for you though.

To be honest, we at ThemKraft start to build all next larger-scaled projects with React and separate the backend from the frontend. The future is to build PWAs and React is also what’s used in the WordPress Core.

With Gutenberg editor around the corner, it’s such an exciting time. But yes, for many sites out there page builder are just fine and Elementor would be your choice.
Get Elementor here!

Recommended Tools & Products

We use WP Rocket on nearly any client site and here on the ThemeKraft site. It works really well and has all the options needed to speed up your site. It starts with normal CSS and JS caching and minifying, but also comes with CloudFlare and CDN Support. Get WP Rocket here!

Recommended Tools & Products

BuddyPress Themes and Plugins from BuddyBoss

BuddyBoss is one of our partners we are working closely together. We recommend their themes to our clients if they look for a BuddyPress theme and we always make sure that our products work nicely with their products. So check out what they have to offer and combine it with our tools. We work hand in hand with everyone and it will all work seamlessly. BuddyBoss themes and plugins.

Recommended Tools & Products

Hosting with Nestify

Nestify specializes in providing high performance hosting for businesses, agencies, and publishers. Nestify is another good name in WordPress hosting solutions. With the advent of managed WordPress hosting solutions, Nestify is making its way into the list. Nestify has partnered with Google Cloud Platform to provide enterprise-level infrastructure to all of our customers! With the new DASHBOARD, refined the architecture and formed a solid partnership with Google Cloud Platform to create a new user experience that is more scalable, more resilient and faster than ever. Nestify’s high performance, fully managed web hosting services can speed up your website at lightning speed with the help of industry experts. Visit Nestify

Recommended Tools & Products

Cloudways Server App

With Cloudways you can focus on building great websites, not on web hosting complexities. Our managed hosting platform gives digital agencies and ecommerce businesses flexibility and choice in how websites are hosted. Backed by 24/7/365 support, you’re guaranteed peace of mind.

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