WordPress Starter Theme _tk

A lightweight and hackable starting point. A WordPress Starter Theme for your next Theme to come alive. Let your ideas fly with Themekraft _TK!

Wordpress Starter Theme _tk

Bootstrap WordPress Starter Theme

wordpress bootstrap starter theme

Hi, I am the ultra-minimal starter theme _tk, ready for your next awesome WordPress project! I am the most seamless and minimalistic integration of Twitter Bootstrap Framework into the _s starter theme from Automatic, the guys behind WordPress.
Remember this theme is a blank starter theme, and you have to fill it with life!

Combine WordPress and Twitter Bootstrap

Use me, if you like to combine WordPress and Twitter Bootstrap in the cleanest way. I have all the WordPress minimum required files and styles by the Underscores Theme, along with seamless Twitter Bootstrap Integration. And with seamless, I mean really seamless. For example:

WordPress Default Widget

They got 100% the Bootstrap style, without touching their code or adding extra CSS that will make you rip your hair out later when it comes to styling your site.


WordPress Menu

It’s the WordPress Menu, but wrapped in 100% Bootstrap HTML and CSS, up to the dropdown!

WordPress Comments

The comments are adapted to Bootstrap, without rewriting any core code or adding ugly CSS overrides. Just crisp and clean code.


Starter Theme _tk Demo Screenshot

 Starter Theme Features


Automattic’s starter theme _s with seamless Twitter Bootstrap integration, the cleanest way.
A just right amount of lean, well-commented, modern, HTML5 templates.
A helpful 404 template.
A sample custom header implementation in “includes/custom-header.php”.
Custom template tags in “includes/template-tags.php” that keep your templates clean and neat.
Some small tweaks in “includes/extras.php” that can improve your theming experience.
Keyboard navigation for image attachment templates.
Smartly organized starter CSS in “style.css” that will help you to quickly get your design off the ground.
Licensed under GPLv3 or later. 🙂 Use it to make something cool.


Full Twitter Bootstrap Goodness!

Use all the awesome Bootstrap Elements, from buttons and form elements to columns and carousels, the great glyphicons icon font and dozens of other cool things!


WordPress Starter Theme on GitHub

Download or Clone the WordPress Starter Theme on GitHub or WordPress.org

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