Dynamic Elementor Templates and Author Pages – Editable by the User with Front-end Forms

Choose what and how to display the information on your website. Let your authors write content right from the front-end. Update author profile data, and dynamically display it all with Elementor Templates.

Get our perfect, ready-made Dynamic Elementor Templates solution bundle to create member profile pages for your users, and enable them to manage their personal details i.e., author name, display name, etc. All this from the front end!

How to create Dynamic Elementor Templates and Author Pages that are Editable by the User from the Front End

Elementor has become the de facto standard for building WordPress sites. It’s the Page Builder of choice for most WordPress designers. And guess what? BuddyForms is fully compatible with Elementor! Create forms of any type to use in Elementor.

Use BuddyForms Forms
Create ‘Contact’, ‘Post’, ‘Registration’, and ‘Profile’ forms and use them in the Elementor Page Builder.

Display Submission data in Elementor
Every form field can be used in Elementor by using Shortcodes or the native Elementor meta field. By using the form element slug as Shortcode you make sure that the output of the field is taken care of from BuddyForms and the field type will get displayed correctly.

Dynamic Elementor Templates

Create Single View Dynamic Elementor templates
Create the single view template of your blog posts, pages, or any post type from BuddyForms form elements. Using Elementor, decide where and how to display the form field, and create a predefined design. With the help of BuddyForms, create the content by administering the front-end forms. Every entry will then look exactly as predefined before!

Create a User Dashboard
Creating a User Dashboard enables your users to find all their submissions in one place. BuddyForms comes with a number of Shortcodes to list user submissions or links to relevant forms.

Display User Posts Lists
Display User Posts list in Elementor for logged in users to enable managing the submissions.

Forms to Update Author Data
Create a form to Update Author Data displayed in the Elementor Author Templates.

Get Creative with Post Types
Create Creative Member Profiles like Artist Pages, and allow your Artist to update relevant data. Even by mixing post and author data in one form, the data will be synced automatically.

Use Post or Author Meta Data in Dynamic Elementor Templates

In Elementor, you can add dynamic data to your templates. This dynamic data is called post metadata and author metadata. By default, they are available as dynamic elements in Elementor. BuddyForms stores all data as post metadata and author metadata, which gets collected by BuddyForms in Elementor for later use.

Use Elementor with ACF (Advanced Custom Fields)

BuddyForms is fully compatible with ACF. To create forms using ACF Fields, simply select the single ACF field or ACF Field Group in the BuddyForms Form Builder, and BuddyForms will seamlessly create a beautiful front-end form.

Use Shortcodes in Dynamic Elementor Templates

In Elementor it is quite common to use Shortcodes to display dynamic data. You can use any form element as a Shortcode in Elementor.

Use Form Elements Shortcodes to display dynamic data in Dynamic Elementor Templates.

Create an Author, Member, or Artist Page with BuddyForms and Elementor

There are plenty of Elementor themes that already come with predefined designs and functionality. In this example, we use a ready-made theme for a music label along with BuddyForms to bring the Artist management and Artist Profile Updates functionality to the front end. This way, labels can create the artist profile, and the artists can update their own information or create new posts!

How do I use dynamic content in Elementor?

*TO BE REVIEWED* There is a button to click on. Just follow this instruction here to find it.  How to use Dynamic Content in Elementor

What is a dynamic template?

If you store many posts of the same type, such as books, each book will have a different title. By creating a template for the single view of each book, you can use the title of your book as dynamic content, therefore, creating a dynamic template for each of your books.

This allows you to keep a uniform design for each new book you add by using your specially made template.

What’s Included

Our Dynamic Elementor Templates Solutions comes with the BuddyForms plugin,  and two extensions + a step-by-step installation wizard that makes it very easy to get started.



BuddyForms Hook Fields

BuddyForms Hook Fields

BuddyForms Moderation

BuddyForms Moderation

BuddyForms ACF (Advanced Custom Fields)

BuddyForms ACF (Advanced Custom Fields)



Solution Bundle
You get a bundle of BuddyForms plugins, & a step-by-step wizard that will guide you through installation. Our solution makes the installation process easy.


Guide & Documentation
Our solution comes with a simple wizard that makes it easy to install and update the plugins in the future. You get access to our detailed documentation.


We are always here to constantly support and guide you. We maintain and update our solutions often to make sure they are up to standards

Use the Wizard to Install all dependencies of the Elementor Solution automatically

Download the Wizard and install it like a regular WordPress plugin. Enter the license key in the Solutions installer and you are good to go. Just follow the steps in the Wizard and all Dependencies will be automatically downloaded and activated for you.

You can also follow the Manual Steps and use them to help you understand the setup in detail.


Download our free wizard

Download our
free wizard


Manual step-by-step guide

Manual step-by-
step guide

Affordable Pricing 

Choose the package that’s right for you.


$58.99 / year

One Site

Get Creative with Dynamic Elementor Templates

1 Site License

One year of support

One year of updates


$88.99 / year

5 Sites

Get Creative with Dynamic Elementor Templates

5 sites license

One year of support

One year of updates


$99.99 / year

Unlimited Sites

Get Creative with Dynamic Elementor Templates

Unlimited Sites License

One year of support

One year of updates

How to create Dynamic Elementor Templates and Author Pages that are Editable by the User from the Front End

Our 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee fully protects you. During the first 7 days, if you experience an issue that makes the plugin unusable, and we are unable to resolve it. In that case, we’ll happily consider offering a full refund of your money.