Custom Community Pro 1.9 available now

The long awaited new version 1.9 of Custom Community Pro is available now:


A lot of time has passed since the last update and actually we wanted to move fast forward to version 2.0. But we felt too bad to have you waiting so long without any update for bugfixes.

So this update fixes all the nasty bugs reported by Custom Community users.

28 issues like broken login page customization bugs, accordion shortcodes and the hierarchical mode, visual integration of bbPress, slideshow trouble,… all should be going easy and bugfree now.

2 new languages

Custom Community is available in 11 languages now (english doesn’t count). Since version 1.9 also available in Russian and Danish language. Help us translate and get a pro version for free! :)

Big thanks to the Community

Thanks to everybody contributing with bug reporting, sending patches or analyzing bugs with us together! And special thanks to Slava who fixed most of the bugs – Cheers! :)

Now we have a stable 1.x version before we move fast forward to version 2.0

The version number’s jungle…

The last pro version was 0.7.1
Current free version is

The free version was just older and had a higher version number therefore. Somehow this feels weird.

So we skipped to version 1.9 with the new pro version – this feels right. ;)

Free version at WordPress

Also the free version will be released soon in the WordPress Theme Repository:

Your turn!

If you notice any bugs that we’ve forgotten in this update, or any other thought you want to share with us, please let us know – just drop us a comment here or get in touch with us via email.

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  1. if I login and download the latest pro download and look at the file “core/loader.php”, it has the following: “define( ‘CC_VERSION’, ‘1.8.5’ );”

    Is this Pro 1.9?

    • If you still have on your account “Available downloads” and you see “Can be downloaded until […]” you can simply click on this download and you will get newest version :)

  2. I purchased CCPro in Feb 2012. It says “1 Year Product Updates” yet still wants payment when I log in and attempt to download 1.9.

    Is there a coupon code I need to apply?

  3. I bought mine last February. It said 1 year free updates, yet I cannot find any way to download the new version. Strange.

  4. pencilking2002 says:

    Thanks for the new release! I just checked out the new 1.9 theme. The big question I have is, are you guys planning to get rid of that big ugly inline css that loads on every page?

  5. I tried to download the new version (bought it this March) but the only version to download is: #2081 which is the OLD VERSION 0,71!!!!!

    PLEASE make the new version accessible!!!!

    • Just tested again, it downloads the new version 1.9 for me. Anyway, the old version is not on the server anymore so cannot be downloaded. :-? confused now…. if you empty the cache and everything? still old version? did you check the style.css header info?

  6. ** IMPORTANT **

    As a pro user you get 1 year of updates when purchasing CC Pro.

    When you login here you should see the download link in the sidebar on the right hand, under the login widget…

    if not, please write an email to support [at] themekraft [dot] com and provide your themekraft username and date of purchase, so we can check and fix it quickly for you.

  7. I read there was going to be a template builder? or theme builder something to that effect… besides fixing bugs… what new stuff was added?

    • this release is only bugfixing to have a last stable release in 1.x series.

      template builder etc. are new features that will come for 2.0 – or maybe even become a complete new thing? :) still playing in the laboratories with these new toys…

  8. Since I’m getting this update here, rather than through the updates page on the dashboard, how can I install this update so I won’t lose my settings?

  9. so version 1.9 is just about bug fixes – when will the 2.0 version be available? (was promised for this summer and summer is already coming to an end…)

    • This sounds like you should first contact your hoster until you have wordpress with the default theme up and running…
      In case you have trouble with theme related topics just drop us a line to support [at] themekraft [dot] com..

  10. Is the free version updated yet on wordpress?
    I wanted to download it again but it says it was last updated in 2011.
    Where can I get an updated version of the free theme? Thanx.

  11. I use the free version on a couple sites, but I keep getting a blank login page and having to delete and re-upload my theme. When will you update the free version? Any way to do an update that will at least fix this error?