Custom Community Pro 1.9 available now

The long awaited new version 1.9 of Custom Community Pro is available now:


A lot of time has passed since the last update and actually we wanted to move fast forward to version 2.0. But we felt too bad to have you waiting so long without any update for bugfixes.

So this update fixes all the nasty bugs reported by Custom Community users.

28 issues like broken login page customization bugs, accordion shortcodes and the hierarchical mode, visual integration of bbPress, slideshow trouble,… all should be going easy and bugfree now.

2 new languages

Custom Community is available in 11 languages now (english doesn’t count). Since version 1.9 also available in Russian and Danish language. Help us translate and get a pro version for free! :)

Big thanks to the Community

Thanks to everybody contributing with bug reporting, sending patches or analyzing bugs with us together! And special thanks to Slava who fixed most of the bugs – Cheers! :)

Now we have a stable 1.x version before we move fast forward to version 2.0

The version number’s jungle…

The last pro version was 0.7.1
Current free version is

The free version was just older and had a higher version number therefore. Somehow this feels weird.

So we skipped to version 1.9 with the new pro version – this feels right. ;)

Free version at WordPress

Also the free version will be released soon in the WordPress Theme Repository:

Your turn!

If you notice any bugs that we’ve forgotten in this update, or any other thought you want to share with us, please let us know – just drop us a comment here or get in touch with us via email.

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