Custom Community Update 1.17.3

New updates for Custom Community to version 1.17.3 available. Pro and Free Version updated.

This update contains bugfixes only and will be the last update for the 1.x series.
» Read below why.

What has changed?

We fixed all bugs that could be fixed without the need of a complete rewrite. There are a few bugs left which will not be fixed in 1.x series anymore.

Fixes Fixes Fixes

  • Fixed the Theme Settings Page jQuery
  • Fixed the Slideshow’s jQuery
  • Fixed the List Posts Function Templates for “List Posts below this Page”
  • Fixed Menu option for show/hide “Home” item
  • Fixed Menu option for show/hide the “Community” dropdown menu
  • Fixed the “read more” link at the end of excerpts, which was broke in all translations
  • Fixed a few other minor bugs and some little CSS tweaks on the way

Download Premium Version

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* If you purchased Custom Community Pro already *

Just login at the sidebar over here and use the download link within the sidebar. The newest update will be downloaded always.

Free Version

The Free WordPress Theme Custom Community Version 1.17.3 will be submitted to the WordPress Theme Review Team and should go live as soon as reviewed. As they are pretty fast right now, it might take just a few days..

Download Free Version at

** Newest version available as soon as published by the WP Review Team **

Why last update?

The new Custom Community 2.0 is already in the oven.

The first Alpha is available since today! Read the blogpost here and download the first alpha version to test and play with!

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