New versions of WordPress Theme x2 and Premium Pack available

A new version of the free x2 WordPress theme has just been submitted to the WordPress Theme Review Team for review. A lot of issues have been fixed and the x2 theme is working like a charm now! :)

Version 1.7.0 should go live very soon!

The review will take a few days and another few days to finally go live.

x2 Premium Pack just updated to version 1.7.2

The x2 Premium Pack has been updated again, too. Thanks to everyone for reporting bugs and being a great help! And special thanks to Christian, Igor and Aleksey – Cheers!

Get the x2 Premium Pack here:

[product id=”9694″]

A fresh screenshot of the default view


What has changed?

* Fresh backend design for WP 3.8

* Check if x2 was installed before, for smooth updates

* x2 Premium Pack: License Key Activations work again

* Fixed the default slideshow category bug

* Fixed font colors for inputs in dark color scheme

* Use home_url() instead site_url() in function header_logo()

* New screenshot.png – according to new guidelines

* Fixed some notices from wp_debug

* Fixed possible issues with the menu dropdowns

* Improved CSS markup for preview tabs and caption of the default slideshow

* Aligned top-padding for sidebars and content

* Corrected header title position

* Fixes and tweaks for the menus

* Fixed position of corner badge.

* Several fixes for theme option “stay on top when scrolling” for menus

* Removed a fix color in style.css

* Changed two theme tags according to new guidelines

* Reworked readme.txt

* Corrected some typos

About Grandfathering-in all x2 Premium Theme customers to the new x2 system:

If you used the x2 Premium Theme before

As I wrote in the blogpost before, please wait with updating to the new system if you used the x2 Premium Theme before.

As soon as theme version 1.7.0 goes live on it is safe to update your theme! Please check the version number before updating!

Next, you will be send a coupon code via email to purchase the x2 Premium Pack for free.

Then you can also download the new x2 Premium Pack, install and activate it and all should look like before.

Of course it’s the best to make a backup before updating, just in case!

Any trouble?

If you need support, please create a support ticket, or use the free forums on if you only use the free version.

What do you think? How do you like the new x2?

Leave us a comment! Cheers!


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