New X2 Theme Version 1.7.1 and x2 Premium Pack 1.7.3

In this version we have added support for BuddyPress Media and fixed issues reported by users. We did some improvements to the code. Many thanks for all the feedback and help during the development.

Big thanks goes to Igor and Slava for their contributions to the new X2 version.
Get the x2 Premium Pack here:
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What has changed?

This is the changelock for the X2 theme 1.7.1

  • Fixed some slideshow jQuery
  • BuddyPress Media plugin fix
  • i18n fixes
  • Fixed Profile – Settings – Profile
  • Fixed messages component width
  • Fixed different notices
  • Fixed lack of notifications files
  • removing old php4 construct
  • add a filter excerpt_length for the list posts
  • Fixed the title tag issue
  • various issues reported by users

This is the changelock for the x2 Premium Pack 1.7.1

  • New option define the sliding time in ms. Default is 5000ms.
  • add a hide admin bar option
  • clean up the code
  • fixed some smaller issues reported by users.

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