x2 Theme Rework Status

As you might know from the last blogpost, the x2 Theme is currently out of our shop and will come back completely reworked. This is needed due to changes in the new WordPress Theme Guidelines.

Where are we now?

So, last weekend, we fixed all bugs, added some features and reworked the header section.

Then we started to peel of all plugin functionality and make separate plugins out of them. They will be finished within the next 1-2 weeks and published in our store.

By today, we are right in the middle of the x2 theme rework. The TK Google Fonts plugin is almost finished, the free base theme and premium pack will follow right after that.

The new plugins coming now

Plugins for all ThemeKraft Themes

Some of them will be working for ALL WordPress themes, but we will see..

TK Google Fonts
TK Carousel Widget
TK Theme Widgets
TK Shortcodes
TK Shortcode Widgetareas
TK Loop Designer

Plugins specific for x2

x2 Premium Pack

Plugins specific for Custom Community

Custom Community Premium Pack, coming later on

Free Base Theme

The x2 Theme will be the slim barebones free base theme of all this. Including an admin page to manage and install all featured extensions. This free base theme is also almost finished and should come this week already!

The same will be done for Custom Community later on.

More blogposts will come to keep you up to date – stay tuned ;)

What Do You Think?