5 essential tools for writing and paraphrasing in 2022

by paul | Jul 25, 2022 | Content Marketing

Writing is not that easy but it can be made easy through many tips and techniques. Writing needs research and note formation. Primary and secondary data collection is required. In the end, the whole process is based on creativity.

For writing, you must know the art of rewriting and paraphrasing.

If you are new to a writing career this article can provide you with multiple benefits and loop holes by which you can speed up your writing process.

What is paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is the art of rewriting. Reading a text two to three times and writing it in your own words is called paraphrasing. Through paraphrasing, you can make your concepts clear, improve your writing ability and secure yourself from copyright issues.

Paraphrasing can be done in two ways. If you study different articles on a single topic and then write them in your words then it is manual paraphrasing.

Similarly, it is done through online tools in which you just have to put the material from different sources and the tools will rewrite it for you.

Benefits of paraphrasing

  • It makes the content easy and understandable.
  • Make content according to the SEO rules.
  • It helps in improving your vocabulary and sense of structure.
  • Remove plagiarism.
  • Make content concise.

5 Helpful tools for content

You can get dozens of tools for writing and paraphrasing with a single click. These tools can be free or have paid versions.

With the tools, you can save your time and eliminate the hectic work of manual paraphrasing.

5 best tools for paraphrasing are as follows:

1.    Editpad.org

Editpad.org is a bundled tool that can help in paraphrasing and removing plagiarism from the content. This free tool is very easy to use and has a friendly interface.

To use it as a paraphraser you just have to enter text or upload the file from local storage. By paraphrasing option, you will get a new text based on the previous one. The paraphrased text will have a better sentence structure and easy wording.

Advantages of Editpad.org

  • It is multilingual.
  • This tool is free.
  • It is supportive of every file format.
  • It is a security tool.

2.    Paraphraser.io

This paraphrase supports every kind of text of rewriting. You can add creativity and fluency to your content through it. This bundled tool does not only paraphrase but also rewrite, summarize, remove plagiarism and generate citations.

Paste your material on the input slot or upload the file. As it is multilingual you can select your preferred language for paraphrasing. In its free version, you can paraphrase 500 words in one attempt while in the paid version you can enjoy a word limit of 1000 words.

Advantages of Paraphraser.io

  • It provides human-level paraphrasing.
  • Based on AI technology.
  • Remove plagiarism and every kind of duplicate content.
  • Put synonyms that help in SEO optimization.

3.    Prepostseo.com

This professional tool is students, website makers, and professional writers use a multitasker that can help you with your content.it. You just have to input your text and it will paraphrase it in seconds.

In its premium version, you can enjoy a modern AI mode and unlimited word limit.it supports multiple file formats. The uploading process is easy. You can select different languages for paraphrasing.

You can check academic and website content by it. For website content, it provides a domain authority score and gives suggestions by which you can make your content better in ranking.

Advantages of Prepost SEO

  • It provides more than 95 tools free.
  • It gives instructions for every tool usage.
  • It is based on advanced AI algorithm.
  • It is very sensitive in its working.

4.    Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter is an advanced tool that is used for paraphrasing the content. The most important factor of this rewriter is that it does not based on an old thesaurus.it critically analyses today’s ranking criteria before spinning any content.

The newly generated content is according to the SEO rules.it adds valuable keywords to the text. These keywords due to their high search volumes took a higher rank on search engines.

You can increase the readability of your content by using this tool.it replaces all the complex words with the most appropriate and easy synonyms so that most people can understand them without consulting the dictionary.

Advantages of Spin Rewriter

  • You can compare articles side by side.
  • Beads on an up-to-date thesaurus.
  • Adds new paragraphs automatically.
  • It has a very friendly user interface.

5.    Duplichecker

A free paraphrasing tool can enhance and dignify your content and its structure. As it is a bundled tool besides paraphrasing, you can remove grammar and punctuation mistakes by it.

This tool is a complete package. it increases the readability of your content and adds related synonyms to it. Due to easy wording, the content can grab the attention of most readers.it also saves the content from plagiarism while paraphrasing. The content generated by it is entirely new and original. By using this tool, you can enhance your vocabulary and save time.

Students for their thesis and projects can use it, as it is equally useful for the scientific content. Due to its large database, it creates content equal in worth to other thesis and papers.

Advantages of Dupli checker

  • Provide data security.
  • 2000 words can be paraphrased in a single shot.
  • Use a contemporary thesaurus for synonyms.
  • Help in SEO optimization.


Paraphrasing is an important function that should be performed for every type of content.it does not only make content concise but also removes mistakes from it. Paraphrasing helps in adding keywords to the content that enhances its quality and make it more readable to readers.

For paraphrasing, there are many tools on the internet. With the help of these tools, you can rewrite and summarize your articles. All these tools help in maintaining content originality through contemporary AI technology.




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