Is a paraphrasing tool essential for content writers?

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For most content writers, a paraphrasing tool is nothing short of a holy grail. Let’s admit it, they have become so much dependent on these tools when they are asked to create original and authentic content

It does not matter what they are writing, either it’s a blog, review, article, or some app content, they simply go to paraphrasing tools to get some help. 

No doubt, paraphrasing tools have been developed for that very purpose when writers fail to come up with creative writing on any particular subject. 

In this article, we are going to mention some important facts regarding paraphrasing. At the end of the article, it would be you who has to decide if ‘’Is a paraphrasing tool essential for content writers?’’ 

Table of content:

  • What is a paraphrasing tool? 
  • Why do content writers prefer to use paraphrasing tools? 
  • Are paraphrasing tools worth using? 
  • When can content writers use paraphrasing tools?
  • Choosing the right tool is necessary
  • How to know the uniqueness of the content that a paraphraser generates?

What is a paraphrasing tool? 

A paraphrasing tool is an online utility to rewrite content by changing the whole sentence but keeping the original context intact.  

But there are chances that sometimes these tools bring up content that has completely altered sentence structure and makes no sense at all. 

Paraphrasing tools are usually available on the Internet completely free of cost but when you are searching for an advanced paraphraser for extraordinary results then you might spend some money for it. 

Now you have understood what paraphrasing tools are, let’s dive into the fact that why content writers fall for this in the first place. 

Why do content writers prefer to use paraphrasing tools? 

  1. To avoid plagiarism 

The first and very brief answer is plagiarism. Plagiarism occurs in your text when you borrow text from anywhere on the Web and represent it as yours. 

Paraphrasing tools claim to make your content plagiarism-free.

Writers are afraid of getting caught for plagiarism because any plagiarized article can be detected by Google. 

Your website will be penalized because of Plagiarized content and this situation might be a nightmare for both writer and website owner. 

So, what do writers do? They use a paraphrasing tool that can create duplicate content with different synonyms and sentence structure and this content can pass any plagiarism checker test. 

  1. Free of cost

Writers also use the paraphrasing technique because it is completely free. Everyone can have access to these tools just through an internet connection. 

  1. Time-saving 

Copy pasting and then paraphrasing every single sentence manually can take a hell of a time. Using a paraphrasing tool can save a lot of time. 

Paraphrasing tools are lifesavers for writers who are time-poor or who have to write tons of content daily. 

  1. Encourages non-native writers

Non-native English writers have most probably weak grammar, spelling, and vocabulary skills. 

They often face diverse consequences because of this such as lack of confidence, tough time in the writing market, failure in landing a job as a writer, etc.

However, Paraphrasing tools won’t discourage you as a non-native English writer. 

  1. Excellent results 

Professional content writers are expected to provide outstanding content. 

Nevertheless, an exceptional piece of writing requires proper research, professional writing skill, evaluation, and the development of new ideas by reading existing content. 

Undoubtedly, most of the writers have confidence in artificial intelligence to rewrite impressive content more than themselves. 

Are paraphrasing tools worth using? 

Now, you must be wondering that these tools are certainly providing good quality content that is free of cost as well. 

But still, we cannot say that paraphrasing tools are worth using. Why? The answer is straightforward. 

As the technology has been developed in recent years, there are hundreds of advanced algorithms that can scan your content for plagiarism as well as paraphrased content. 

Moreover, online free paraphrasing tools do not give 100% accurate outcomes and sometimes they paraphrase text that makes no sense at all. 

Besides, these robotic algorithms are bound to give limited results according to the content that you have inserted in its input.  

If you are expecting 100% results from the premium version of any paraphrasing tool then still it is wrong. No doubt, purchased tools might rewrite your text well enough than the free version. 

No matter what type of paraphrasing tool you use, your content can still be caught for plagiarism because every plagiarism scanner has been equally developed over time. 

When can content writers use paraphrasing tools? 

The answer depends on the purpose of writing that can broadly vary, what type of content he is going to write and how important it is. 

Where paraphrasing tools have so many downsides but they are equally hyped up among writers nowadays. 

One obvious reason is that writers do not want to spend more time writing some boring content for the Web. They might like to utilize their time in something more interesting and exciting.

The paraphrasing technique is best used in certain cases such as composing a presentation for office or academic purposes, cover letters, report writing, or any other scenario where plagiarism policies do not apply. 

Sometimes, when writers have a massive workload, they might go for shortcuts and use paraphrasing techniques. 

This raises the question of what is the best and trustworthy paraphrasing tool to choose. 

Choosing the right tool is necessary.

Paraphrasing is a skill, it just does not mean that copy content from the Web and paste it in any paraphraser and then copy the paraphrased content and represent it as yours. 

You have to make certain changes in paraphrased content to make it more understandable.

With everything in mind, you must choose the right tool for this purpose.

If you have already chosen a paraphrasing app and it provides you with lame text that is not making any sense at all, you have probably selected the wrong tool. 

This is because of countless alternatives that one can access on the internet. Though, it is quite tough to choose any tool that can provide you quality content.

It is one of the highly recommended tools for paraphrasing that would give accurate results with non-plagiarized content in a few seconds. 

How to know the uniqueness of the content that a paraphraser generates? 

A good paraphraser uses the most suitable synonyms – terms or phrases which can be similar to the original word. and is that one as it will alter the sentence with particularly no significant variations. 

The best way to guarantee the originality and uniqueness of the text is to make a list of all top-ranked tools and test them one by one. 

Surely, the outcome will be different from each other and thus, you can easily get an idea of which one to choose. 

Last but not the least, is necessary to go through the whole text thoroughly before paraphrasing it so that you can rearrange the text accordingly. 

The reason resumes here, relying too much on paraphrasing tools is not a positive choice. 

When you reread or proofread the paraphrased text before publishing, you will definitely come up with unique and original text. 

In summary

We are living in a fast age of advanced technologies and we cannot deny how digital technology has become part of our lives. 

Undoubtedly, the idea of paraphrasing and content writing cannot go separately. Every writer is well known for these techniques. 

Through any paraphrasing tool, you can get unique content but it does not give you desired outcomes every time. 

As a writer, you must be aware of its benefits, consequences, and conditions where you can utilize them without any hesitation.

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