Making WordPress Forms A Breeze

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  • Create beautiful forms in minutes.
  • Contact, register and post forms.
  • WooCommerce & BuddyPress ready.

BuddyForms is perfect for

Business Owners

Make contacting you sweet and easy. Receive contact messages, inquiries, orders or support requests from customers and possible clients in the format you prefer.

Content Managers

Gain control over your publications. Collect, manage, proofread and publish content from different authors and editors to stay ahead of your editorial schedule.

Marketplace Owners

Selling made simple. Inspired products, present use cases or testimonials from different vendors all on one page. Accept content of others via form – without letting them into your back-end.

Community Managers

Grow and manage your user base fast. Use registering forms to grant users access to your platform and manage their profiles in order to control the content that is visible to others.

Knowledge Providers

Use the knowledge of the crowd. Publish your own encyclopedia or online directory by gathering the submissions of thousands of others – with our revision logic you are in full control of the content.

Contest Organizers

Reward creativity and boost your reach. Host all kinds of contests, enabling your fans to submit whatever data they like. Pictures, audios, videos, text files. And if you like, let the community vote for the best contribution.

Delight the benefit

Easily Build Forms In Minutes.

A formbuilder that saves you more time with ready-to-use form templates and smarter options. Lightweight formbuilder core plugin with a focus on post forms and front end editing.

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Simple Step-by-Step Guide.

Never feel lost again. Enjoy a revolutionary Form Wizard that will guide you through every single step of the form set-up. Even if you have never done it before – in 4 to 6 easy steps you are able to publish your first form.

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Automate Your Publishing Process.

With full moderation and revision control your users are able to write posts straight from their member profiles or permit anonymous submissions. Have it all within a few clicks.

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WooCommerce & BuddyPress Like A Boss.

Perfect for marketplaces, online magazines and directories. With many add-ons for WooCommerce, BuddyPress, WC Vendors, Advanced Custom Fields, Ultimate Member and a lot more to come!

BuddyForms Add-ons

Key Features

All Form Types

A lean and powerful form builder to help you with all your forms. From simple contact forms to fully customized post forms.

Beautiful forms in minutes

Ready-to-use form templates and smarter options will get you started straight away.

Simple, clean, extendable

100% the WordPress way - simple to use, clean code, well documented, extendable, free and open source. Suited for beginners and developers alike.

Many Add-ons

Extend your functionality for plugins like WooCommerce, BuddyPress, ACF, Ultimate Member, and many more! Perfect for social marketplaces.

100% Accessible

Built with accessibility in mind, so everyone can use BuddyForms.

Helpful Support

Fast and helpful support to get you back on the right track.

All kinds of field types

Over 20 different field types (text, numbers, check boxes, buttons, comments, media files, post status, taxonomies, CAPTCHA, ...) to build forms that are clear to your users and easily readable to you.

Submission Rules

Define what happens after a user has submitted a form. Choose among a submission message, displaying the form content or redirecting to a specific URL.

User Roles & Rights

Control who can create, edit and delete content that is created from a form for each individual user role.

Form Permissions

Choose if only registered users have access to a form, or if any website visitor can use the form and submit content.

Validation Rules & Error Messages

Prevent users from submitting false data. Set custom validation rules for every form field and display individual validation error messages if the content doesn’t meet the required rules.

E-Mail Notifications

Set-up automatic e-mail notifications to admins and other users that alert them any time a new form is submitted or changes status (like draft, awaiting moderation, published).

Form submission via AJAX

Certain plug-ins require asynchronous page loading. Enable AJAX to prevent your page from a page reload.

Quick Form Embedding

Quickly embed your forms anywhere on your site. Either copy & paste a shortcode or select a form straight from our BuddyForms menu in the WordPress editor.

Form creation from anywhere

Start creating a new form with one click from the admin bar, the plug-in page or the BuddyForms menu in the Wordpress editor.

Comment Settings

Choose if you want users to be able to discuss the submitted form content by enabling or disabling the comments section.

Front End Revision Control

Enable/disable front end revision control for your users.

Anonymous Posting

Choose if you want users to be able to submit content without being logged in.

Post Form Admin Metaboxes

Edit your form fields of each post submission in your backend, too. This feature comes in handy for moderation/editing of user submitted post content in the WordPress admin.

Translation Ready

100% translation ready - get in touch with us if you'd like to help translate BuddyForms into your language.

Pricing Options



Download Now

  • Features:
  • Shortcodes
  • Form Wizard
  • E-Mail Notifications
  • Extension Support
  • Form Templates


$699/ mo
Billed Annually


All Pro Features

Priority Email & Help Center Support

  Secure online payment

  • All Free Features PLUS:
  • Advanced Form Elements
  • All Post Types
  • E-Mail Notifications
  • Disable ajax form submission
  • Import - Export Forms
  • More Options
  • Manage User Roles
  • Manage Capabilities
  • Posts Revision
  • Comment Settings
  • Post Form Admin Metaboxes
  • Enable Login on the form
  • Create account during submission
  • Local Storage
  • More After Submission Options
  • Frontend Revision Control
  • Post Status Change Mail Notifications
  • Logged in User Permissions
  • Featured Image Support
  • Registration Options

Add-Ons For BuddyForms

BuddyForms Reviews


BuddyForms has proven to be an invaluable plugin for our community. By allowing our community members to easily submit and edit content through a one simple form, content creation on our site has skyrocketed. Combined with the BuddyPress integration and the excellent support from the team at ThemeKraft, it’s the perfect solution for any site owner who’s interested in user submitted content.


Awesome Plugin

This plug-in solved a huge headache and provided some amazing functionality to my community site. I am not a programmer and it still enabled me to implement this with only support from Sven.

The support and thought that went into this plug-in is amazing.


Perfect for my site

It is the perfect solution for my site. and the things I was looking for. espacialy for the connection with multimembers. Thank you!

mickey Cartoon

BuddyForms ROCKS!!!

BuddyForms has been perfect for my needs. Also, I wanted to add some custom hooks and filters so I emailed Sven for support. His help was quick and spot on. If you're looking for a forms plug in, especially one with BuddyPress support, look no further.


Excellent site: creative idea, opportunity knocks

Great site with superb content, this creative site showcases both the designer and the designed magnificently – WordPress is a great asset to all internet users who want to make a difference and project their ideas on a global scale.


Great plugin and support

I’m working with this plugin over 1 year in combination with Ultimate Member and it really fills all the gaps. Visitors can submit info trough forms in their UM-private pages (linked with Custom Post Types) and administrator can create list with these data; really helpful and time-saving. Recently we had a problem with submissions that didn’t came through; and the plugin-author fixed this bug fast en professional. Great product and support!


User Generated Content Made Easy

This plugin allows a high level of interaction between website and users. It is ideal for implementing user generated content concepts. The plugin is very well designed and allows settings that focus on the practical use. With useful extensions the field of application can be extended. And it works really well! Due to these positive experiences with the free version, I will upgrade to the premium version.


BuddyForms solves a great problem in the BuddyPress world

BuddyForms solves a great problem in the BuddyPress world, to allow users to post any type of content from the front-end. Easy to use and extremely useful.

Michael Eisenwasser

Great Support from Sven

When i started my website, i looked for a plug in that did what buddyforms does, there was none. When i discovered this plug in i immediately gave it a shot, and it did what i always wanted to do with my website, the integration with buddypress is seamless. I would recommend it 100% + the support i've gotten from Sven is second to none.

Jose Martinez

Great Plugin

I am pleasantly surprised with all options and possibilities that you have with BuddyForms. What I like the most is smooth integration with Ultimate Member.

Miodrag Rasic

good service

I had a problem with the mail notification and send a mail to the service adress.
Within two days someone contacted me and the problem was solved.
Thanks for this nice, free wordpress plugin.


Great Plug-in

This plug-in is just what I needed to have my users add Post content on the front end. It also allows those posts to be edited and deleted from the Buddypress profile. Sven is very responsive to questions. Excellent support!


Great Plugin

Very useful plugin with a lot of features

salvador sandoval sanchez

This is the best plugin.

I'm looking for plugins that are compatible with ACF | Advanced Custom Fields. This is the best plugin.


Super Useful!

I looked at several different front end form plugins before deciding on this one. Many of them were over-engineered for my tastes with too many options. This has all of the features I need, with the ability customize when needed but most importantly l there is an add-on to use to use Advanced Custom Fields in the form. That feature makes it so worth it. What I thought was going to be a huge project was way simplified with BuddyForms.

Patty O'Hara

extremely helpful and useful plugin

Thank your for this extremely useful plugin that helps building registration forms with custom fields. What I really like is the option to include xprofile fields. Thanks for all your work making this plugin available!


Awesome Form Builder

Great plug-in, love the easy setup guys! Will definitely be using this for all my forms in the future!


Well designed, unique, powerful

This is a premature review, but I am very impressed. First impression after just a few minutes…amazing plugin! Along with other free plugins to extension it. The scope is broad, I have a lot to explore. Amazing that it is free. It’s stable and well designed, well documented. I will update this review after I’ve used it for awhile.

Thanks for a great pro level and free plugin!


Best Plugin for User generated content

I’ve worked with a client on a electric-cars marketplace. BuddyForms helped a lot to make it super easy for website users to upload their cars on our platform. It was kind of the best solution, actually.



Extremely useful and I wish I found it earlier

I truly wish I found this earlier. I've tried a lot of other plugins/solutions to do what this does and nothing compares. It's great, and the developer and support are very on top of things. A+ stuff

Joanna Pantages

Great for User Submitted Content

I’m creating a site that required users to be able to submit and edit articles to be published. I explored many solutions, and BuddyForms proved to be the easiest I could find, for both myself and my users. It’s definitely the best value out of any purchase I’ve made for my site. The excellent support from ThemeKraft was a huge selling point for me. Most of my sites success wouldn’t be possible without BuddyForms and I would urge anyone who needs user generated content on their WordPress site to check it out.


Money Back Guarantee

Try risk-free with a 14 days money-back-guarantee. No questions asked.

Pre Sales Questions

  Do you have BuddyForms in my language?

BuddyForms is available in English, German, Portuguese (Brazil), Dutch and many more languages. Help Translate BuddyForms into your Language.

  Can I use BuddyForms directly after I bought it?

Yes, you only need to install and activate it in your WordPress back-end. Check our Quick-Start Guide for more information on the first steps with BuddyForms.

  Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 14 Days Money Back Guarantee. Try it risk-free!

Any Questions Left?

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