The 6 star plugins with BuddyPress


At ThemeKraft we have many plugins with BuddyPress, that allow you to opt for a great variety of functionalities that can turn your platform into a conversion machine.

Among its plugins you can find options to turn your site into a social network, where interactions between users and the brand can increase the chances of conversion or sales.

It is possible to add features to your website such as:

  • User Profiles
  • User Groups
  • Activity walls
  • Among other

Buddypress and its suite of plugins is ideal for:

  • Universities, colleges and institutes to turn their platforms into a digital campus with a social network.
  • It allows to develop an excellent internal communication tool for companies.
  • It also allows you to create an entire social network specialized in a topic of interest.
  • Similarly, you can create a social network that focuses on a specific product or service.

So, it is convenient to know which are those BuddyPress plugins that you can count on to develop your web project with a high level of professionalism and with functionalities that are convenient to the proposed objectives.

Here is a top 6 add-ons that you need to take into account in your project:

# 1: BuddyPress WooCommerce Bookings Integration

It is a plugin that allows you to integrate a “My reservations” tab in the BuddyPress member profile store to your page, it can also be as a new tab.

In this way, each user can have this tab in their member profile to manage any type of reservation of products or services. If you have a WooCommerce store, this plugin will allow you to provide more options to your customers.

# 2: BuddyPress WooCommerce Subscriptions Integration

This plugin is special because its objective is to facilitate the user the possibility of a subscription. And it is convenient for your business, because it allows you to have a residual income.

You can create services or products by subscription, from the BuddyPress member profile, and each member will be able to manage their subscriptions very easily. So create and manage products with recurring payments on your site.

# 3: WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration

It is ideal for integrating all the data of the store in WooCommerce, in the profiles of the BuddyPress members.

This will give them more certainty, because they will be able to monitor product downloads, purchase history and other metrics in the profiles. So with WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration you can generate more engagement and create an ideal customer experience.

# 4: BuddyForms BuddyPress Post in Groups

With this plugin you can have all the features of BuddyPress and BuddyForms, so that the members of your business, or the different groups that you manage, can work together on new publications.

BuddyForms BuddyPress Post in Groups helps to create, define, edit and delete permissions according to the rights assigned to the members.

# 5: BuddyForms BuddyPress Members

With this plugin you can enable the creation of blogs and all kinds of content from BuddyPress member profiles. So users can write and manage content with ease, and you can easily manage this type of process.

Members will be able to send, create, edit and delete posts on their profiles.

# 6: BuddyForms Attach Posts with Groups

The last plugin that we present to you is BuddyForms Attach Posts with Groups. It is ideal for creating a new BuddyPress group that works for BuddyForms post submissions that have been assigned, and attaching the group to the post.

That is, every post submitted by a user with BuddyForms, will become a BuddyPress group, full-featured.

We invite you to take into account these 6 star BuddyPress plugins, enjoy their benefits and turn your website into an interactive platform, where users participate, interact and can make purchases, subscriptions, reservations and more.

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